Google and YSL recently launched a cit-e canvas smart backpack. Yes, it’s YSL, who can’t escape when his girlfriend buys lipstick. Internet companies and fashion luxury brands, it seems that this smart backpack may be a product with a sense of technology and fashion. This smart Canvas Backpack is 31 cm wide, 41 cm high and 22 cm deep. At present, it can be booked on the YSL official website. The delivery date is expected to be no later than October 15, 2019.

However, this bag list really looks like an ordinary canvas bag, which is a very harmonious and unobtrusive low-key black backpack in Xiaomi home. Of course, this backpack is different. After all, the Yves Saint Laurent logo printed on the back of his backpack is worth 2000 yuan, not to mention a series of black technology elements.

Google cooperates with YSL to launch a smart backpack with touch function

All the technical elements of this backpack are closely related to the left shoulder strap of the bag. The left shoulder strap of the bag adopts touch technology, which can respond to four postures: sliding up, sliding down, double clicking and covering the sensing device. Each gesture can correspond to different operations, such as answering the phone, playing music, turning down the volume, etc.

These operations are supported by a tag, and there is a built-in electronic tag at the back of each backpack. Of course, the label is provided by Google, but the logo printed is the most fashionable YSL. Before using the cit-e smart canvas bag, users must also download the jacquard application from the app store or Google play to pair the label of the backpack with the mobile phone.

The label will be stored and fixed in a leather bag on the back side of the backpack. If it runs out of power, you can also charge it with a micro USB cable. Although the label is built into the backpack sticker, the canvas bag also has the possibility of getting wet. Although officials say the label can prevent rain and splash, it is still “not completely waterproof”. The user’s Guide of the package also states that the label should not be immersed in water, so attention should also be paid to when using it.

As the first technology application product launched by jacquard by Google outside the United States, this smart backpack also sells well. A Canvas Backpack sold for 795 euros (6874 yuan). It can only be said that it is close to a luxury brand and has the confidence to bid.

When it comes to jacquard by Google products, we have to mention Levi’s cooperative cowboy jacket that has been fried for many years. The project was announced in 2015 and officially launched in 2017. In 2018, the taxi services Uber and LYFT were opened, so that users can realize some functions through clothes. Of course, I still can’t take a taxi. I can only remind you that the bus has arrived.

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