On Saturday, Google posted an article on Android developers, calling on Android developers to prepare for the transition to 5g era. The article mentioned four major experience enhancements that 5g will bring in the future. It mainly includes better use of 5g network speed, augmented reality applications, more efficient reading and streaming media.

Google adds new API to Android to promote the realization and popularization of 5g function

First, thanks to the high-speed mobile Internet in 5g era, Google hopes that developers can make full use of 5g connection speed to provide high-quality video chat and expand multiplayer game mode.

Second, for those photo centric apps, Google suggests making video and augmented reality content the new top choices. After all, the content that needed to take time to buffer has been able to provide a more seamless experience under 5g blessing.

Third, in terms of content prefetching, for users who subscribe to unlimited traffic packages, it helps them start watching faster than before. Only in the foreseeable future, many people’s data traffic is still relatively limited, so Android’s built-in current limiting function is needed for protection.

Finally, it is to push the streaming media content to the mainstream. Although this is not common in the 4G era, 5g can bring faster transmission rate, which improves the reliability of streaming media and will play an important role in future applications.

Google said in the article that in order to cope with the changes brought by 5g applications, the company is trying to add new APIs to Android to promote the realization and popularization of such functions.

In addition, Android SDK emulator also ushered in a synchronous upgrade, which can help developers build and test apps without 5g devices or networks.

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