Goodix's under-screen light sensor is commercially available for the first time

Recently, Goodix's first under-screen light sensor has helped Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro achieve accurate color temperature measurement. Whether it is in the bright sunlight or in the warm bedroom light, the color temperature of the mobile phone screen will change with the ambient light and automatically adjust in real time, bringing users a comfortable visual experience.

It is not easy for the light sensor to be "invisible" under the screen, and the self-illumination of the OLED screen can interfere with the measurement of ambient light. In order to overcome this industry problem, Goodix's under-screen light sensor adopts a high-sensitivity, low-noise pixel architecture and has hardware-level light leakage processing function, which effectively reduces the interference of screen light leakage and improves the measurement accuracy of the sensor; at the same time, the hardware-level solution functions. Lower power consumption, combined with unique algorithms, reduce the development difficulty of terminal manufacturers.

Goodix's under-screen light sensor supports high-precision color temperature, illuminance measurement and proximity sensing three-in-one functions, and can be placed under the screen or within the ultra-narrow bezel of the screen to meet the full-screen application requirements of various terminals such as mobile phones, watches, and bracelets. , provides screen color temperature, brightness adaptive adjustment, and automatic on/off screen anti-mistouch functions.

SIASUN signed a cooperation agreement with Binhua Group

Recently, Shandong SIASUN Industrial Software Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shandong SIASUN") and Binhua Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Binhua Group") signed a strategic cooperation agreement at Binzhou Bohai Advanced Technology Research Institute. She Chunming, Secretary of the Binzhou Municipal Party Committee, Zhang Yuebo, Deputy Secretary of the Binzhou Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Beihai Economic Development Zone, attended the signing ceremony. Binhua Group Party Secretary Zhang Zhongzheng, Chairman Yu Jiang, President Ren Yuanbin, President Qu Daokui of SIASUN, Vice President Zhang Jin, General Manager Yuan Quanxing of Shandong SIASUN and other relevant persons in charge attended the signing ceremony.

Qu Daokui, President of SIASUN, said in his speech that SIASUN and Binzhou City have a good foundation for cooperation and development space, and the cooperation between SIASUN and Binhua Group is just in time. First of all, from the national strategy to the industry demand, smart chemical industry is imperative. Smart chemical industry requires the introduction of new technologies and products, which are of great value to chemical companies in terms of energy consumption, safety, and environmental protection, and effectively promote enterprises to become digital and intelligent. Step forward; Secondly, SIASUN and Binhua have obvious advantages. Binhua Group has always maintained a leading position in the chemical industry. SIASUN has many years of application accumulation in robots and smart factories. Shandong SIASUN independently developed and released the "cross-domain industrial control software platform". "Intelligent chemical industry Internet platform" and many other innovative achievements, the cooperation between the two parties is a matter of course; finally, Binzhou City has a favorable business environment and innovation and entrepreneurship system. Contribute to the conversion of old and new kinetic energy in Shandong.

The signing and cooperation between Shandong Xinsong and Binhua Group has strong practical significance. Both parties will open up deeply, give full play to their respective advantages, adhere to the strategic goal of sharing and win-win, and continue to be practitioners and promoters of the industry. As the focus and breakthrough point of industrial digitalization, smart chemical industry strives to reach the international leading level in the field of technology.

Ningde Times Guizhou Project Concentrated Commencement Ceremony Held

Recently, the commencement ceremony of the Ningde Times Guizhou project was held at the site of the Ningde Times Guizhou New Energy Power and Energy Storage Battery Production and Manufacturing Base Project in Gui'an New District. Li Bingjun, Deputy Secretary of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and Governor, attended and announced the start of construction. Hu Zhongxiong, Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of the Guiyang Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Gui'an New District, and Li Ping, Vice Chairman of Ningde Times, delivered speeches. Vice Governor Guo Xiwen was present. The groundbreaking ceremony was presided over by Li Zaiyong, Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Executive Vice Governor.

The Ningde Times Guizhou new energy power and energy storage battery production and manufacturing base project is located at the Baima Avenue, Gui'an Avenue, Gui'an New District. In addition, the commencement ceremonies of projects such as lithium hexafluorophosphate and iron phosphate co-operated by Ningde Times and Guizhou Phosphate were held simultaneously in three branch venues in Kaiyang County, Xifeng County and Fuquan City.

Ningde Times will take Guiyang as an important base, give full play to the advantages of leading enterprises in the industry, and work with all parties to build a green environment from upstream phosphate mining, phosphorus fluoride chemical battery material production, lithium battery manufacturing, and downstream applications to battery recycling. The low-carbon or even zero-carbon whole industry chain system continuously builds, supplements, strengthens and extends the green industry chain in Guizhou, and helps Guizhou build a new energy vehicle industry ecosystem with distinctive features and outstanding advantages.

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