On September 29, the final of the 4th “blooming Cup” 5g application solicitation competition of the Ministry of industry and information technology with the theme of “strengthening the industrial base and raising the sails through application” was successfully concluded in Beijing.

After more than three months of fierce competition, four 5g projects jointly declared by China Mobile Communication stood out, among which “China Unicom Yanfei 5g lightweight module” and “China Mobile 5g module rm500q” won the first prize of the track, China Telecom “5g module dual engines, building a new pattern of the industry” and Zhejiang Mobile “mobile pupil application based on 5g + face recognition technology” Won the second prize.


2021 is a year for 5g application scale development and implementation promotion. Accelerating the breakthrough of 5g industry general products has become the key to promote its large-scale replication and promotion. As the core device of communication connection, the module directly affects the innovation of terminal products and application landing. In order to effectively solve the pain points in the large-scale landing promotion of 5g, mobile communication has created customized products for different operators, so as to meet the needs of operators and industry customers in frequency band, system, rate, function Platform and other differentiated requirements.

Among them, the “China Unicom Yanfei 5g lightweight module” led by China Unicom digital section and jointly declared by China Unicom mobile communication and zhanrui has the characteristics of lightweight and localization. Through China Unicom’s exclusive customization, it further optimizes the cost and power consumption and improves the download rate. The module can also support key R16 features such as urllc enhancement, high-precision time service and 5g LAN through software upgrade. At present, Yanfei 5g lightweight module has been implemented in many 5g industry end products, emergency medical treatment, industrial manufacturing, power energy and other scenarios.

The 5g module rm500q project led by China mobile terminal Corporation and jointly declared by China Mobile Communications also won the first prize in this competition. In addition to its great advantages in size design, heat dissipation technology, opencpu, security performance, accurate positioning and cost performance, rm500q also breaks through the technical bottleneck of massive MIMO antenna array. It can support the design of global band and dual band GNSS antenna with only two antennas, which brings convenience to the development of 5g terminal. Rm500q has been widely used in industrial gateway products, ultra-high definition live broadcast backpacks, ultra-high definition televisions, Ar + AI helmets, three defense industrial tablets, industrial walkie talkies and other fields.


In addition, in the “5g module dual engines, building a new pattern of the industry” project led by Tianyi IOT and jointly applied by mobile communication, 5g module rm500k-cn has achieved a number of technological breakthroughs and process breakthroughs, with technological innovation advantages and project characteristics, such as supporting the technical characteristics of dual carrier aggregation. Its main characteristics also include rate enhancement and delay reduction; Network real-time online and continuous online; Seamless frequency point switching and superposition of discontinuous frequency bands make the project suitable for application in a wider range of fields, thus changing the industry pattern.


At present, Huayuan has developed about 30 5g modules conforming to R15 and R16 agreements, supported the development and commercial use of 5g terminal products by more than 1000 industry customers around the world, actively participated in various key projects such as 5g + smart medicine, 5g + industrial Internet, 5g + smart transportation, 5g + smart port and smart mine, and helped the high-quality development of integrated applications of 5g and various industries.

With the steady progress of 5g large-scale application, the social benefits generated by 5g enabling various vertical industries are gradually emerging. In the future, Yiyuan will continue to work with operators, chipmakers, industry customers and other partners to go deep into the industry scenarios and needs, continue to create more competitive 5g module products, jointly promote the blooming of 5g applications and accelerate the digital transformation and upgrading of the industry.

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