The artificial intelligence company recently released its new classic series of smart watch ticwatch C2, which was officially sold on major e-commerce platforms and offline stores of Xiaowen home on March 7 at a price of 1299 yuan.

As a sequel to the classic series of ticwatch, the original design intention of ticwatch C2 is to break the inherent image of smart watches that are too geek and tough, and provide choices for more users pursuing fashion personality. Most notably, ticwatch C2 launched a women’s exclusive rose gold color, using a softer and mellow design style, supplemented by intelligent applications for women’s health.

Go out and ask about the smart watch ticwatchc2. The official sale price is 1299 yuan

As a design driven product, ticwatch C2 is very close to the traditional watch in appearance. It adopts a pure round 360 * 360 pixel 1.3-inch AMOLED screen, which has a screen proportion higher than the industry average. At the same time, the edge curve of the watch frame follows the G2 continuous curvature, with both tension and soft and full visual effect. In addition, the exquisite watch strap made of Italian imported cow leather has a sense of fashion.

In the ticwatch C2 rose gold style, the case adopts a unique CMF full polishing process, and the crown is engraved with delicate eight fold cherry petals. The low-key and elegant overall style complements women’s tenderness. The ear design is more slim, reaching the narrowest 18mm gradient strap width. With the customized 18mm personalized strap, it is more suitable for women’s slender wrists.

In addition, ticwatch C2 rose gold is also equipped with an app “small monthly events” specially developed for female users, which supports women to quickly record and query physiological date information on watches, and helps female users pay more attention to their own status.

At present, ticwatch has thousands of personalized dials with themes such as World Cup, holidays and hot events. Ticwatch C2 is equipped with a number of new online exclusive fashion dials, including cherry blossom dials customized for women. In addition, we also began to cooperate with more cutting-edge artists to launch custom dials.

The new ticwatch C2 is equipped with wear OS by Google 2.0 smart watch operating system, is highly compatible with IOS and Android systems, and has a built-in go out and ask assistant. The new version of the little question assistant is not only a quick voice communicator, but also an active recommender who knows what you want. It can carry out weather reminders, stock reminders, flight reminders, event reminders, dial recommendations and so on.

Xiaowen assistant is an AI voice assistant officially designated by wear OS by Google. At present, it is also carried in wear OS smart watches such as Huawei watch2, Louis Vuitton, Montblanc, TAG Heuer, Armani and fossil.

As a smart watch, TicWatch C2 supports mainstream applications such as drop trips, Ctrip, public comment, Alipay, air travel, Sogou map, ink weather, NetEase cloud music, Himalaya, Keep, Yue Wan and so on, so that users do not have to handle mobile phone processing without much effort.

At present, sports is a national trend. Ticwatch C2 has built-in active recognition algorithm “ticmotion smart”. When the user starts sports, the watch can actively identify the user’s motion state and type, and enter the interface of real-time motion data recording at the same time. After the user’s motion ends, “ticmotion smart” will automatically end and generate motion records and data.

In addition, ticwatch C2 supports 24-hour real-time heart rate monitoring, daily heart rate interval distribution and 7-day heart rate comprehensive analysis, and provides color heart rate curve combined with exercise status, so that users can more clearly and intuitively understand heart rate changes and analyze heart rate abnormalities.

TicWatch C2 built-in NFC near field payment chip, can support UnionPay flash payment, Alipay scan code offline payment, WeChat payment, the Ministry of Communications “national interconnection” transportation card, and other payment methods, compared to scan code payment, “wrist wallet” more efficient.

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