On June 15, ticwatch pro, the latest flagship series of smart watches launched by go out and ask, was officially put on sale in stock. Tmall, jd.com, go out and ask’s official website, Xiaowen home, authorized dealers, Xiaomi products and other channels can be purchased in stock at a price of 1499 yuan.

As this year’s “fist” product, ticwatch Pro breaks the endurance curse of the real smart watch industry with its revolutionary global innovation technology – double-layer persistent display technology. Through the way of reducing power consumption by double-layer durable screen and free switching of dual-mode and dual-system, ticwatch Pro realizes the daily use time of 5 days and 30 days in pure “durable mode”. The endurance performance is far better than the smart watch that can only be charged once a day at present. It is called “endurance beast” in the industry.

Ticwatch Pro adopts the classic mechanical sports watch design with noble temperament, and its excellent design has won the German if design award 2018 design award. It supports high-grade IP68 dust-proof and water-proof, and has a 1.4-inch pure round non black edge dial. Its screen share is as high as 61.5%, which stands out from similar competitors.

The world’s patented double-layer persistent display technology and innovative dual-mode dual system architecture design realize two use modes of “intelligent mode” and “persistent mode” for ticwatch pro. In the “smart mode”, ticwatch Pro takes the high-definition full-color AMOLED screen as the main display to provide a full-intelligent experience. Users can switch to monochrome LCD screen at any time to meet longer endurance requirements. In “persistent mode”, ticwatch Pro takes monochrome LCD as the main display and is driven by the system coprocessor. It brings ultra-low power endurance, and can provide date, time, power, steps, heart rate measurement, NFC bus and subway card swiping and other functions.

Ticwatch Pro is equipped with Qualcomm? Xiaolong wear 2100 platform uses wear OS by Google Chinese version operating system and built-in VPA small ask assistant and ask store. In addition to supporting Chinese full voice interaction, it also brings richer application extensions, such as wechat, Google translation, Netease cloud music, Didi travel, Sogou map, Ctrip Travel, public comments, keep, Himalayan FM, dragonfly FM, ink weather Amber weather and other third-party applications. At the same time, ticwatch Pro supports professional sports health management, with independent wrist music, Netease cloud music, NFC bus and subway card swiping, UnionPay payment, and visa payment in the future.

Unlike many Bracelet watches and light smart function watches on the market that sacrifice intelligence for endurance, go out and ask this smart watch with double-layer durable screen, which not only solves the user’s endurance pain point, but also ensures the application ecology and AI ability. It is a real smart watch with lasting endurance. Now place an order, sell it in stock, buy it and earn it!

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