On October 14, apple held a global online conference and released the long-awaited series of iphone12 phones, including iphone12, iphone12mini, iphone12pro and iphone12promax.

For the first time in the history of iPhone, the full series supports 5g, 20wpd wired fast charging, and brings a new MagSafe magnetic absorption wireless charging technology, marking the beginning of a new era for iPhone.

The iPhone 12 series includes two models: iPhone 12 and iPhone 12mini. In terms of color, they are black, white, red, green, and navy blue. In terms of configuration, they are all equipped with a powerful 5nma14 bionic processor, a stronger super porcelain crystal panel, and a vertical aluminum frame. Compared with previous generations of iPhones, the iPhone 12 adopts a new vertical frame design, which has a narrower frame and can fit into a larger screen at the same size.

The iPhone 12 uses 6 . 1 inch OLED full screen, resolution 2532×1170, weight only 162g. The iPhone 12 Mini uses 5 . The 4-inch OLED full screen has a resolution of 2340 x1080 and a weight of 133g. The iPhone 12mini is a veritable flagship of small screen portability, compared with many Android geeks trying to lose weight.

The iPhone 12pro model continues the strategy of large cup and super large cup, which is divided into iPhone 12pro and iPhone 12promax. It is also equipped with 5nma14 bionic processor, super porcelain crystal panel, matte texture glass back plate, and the frame is made of stainless steel with higher hardness.

Also thanks to the vertical narrow frame design, the iPhone 12 pro and the iPhone 11 Pro are close in size, and a 6-bar is inserted . The 1-inch OLED full screen has a resolution of 2532×1170 pixels, while the iPhone 12 promax is equipped with 2778×1284 pixels . 7-inch OLED full screen.

The rear camera adopts a strong three camera image system, with a bigger F1 . 6 main photo, 2x (pro) / two . 5x (promax) light zoom, using professional camera CMOS sensor anti shake technology, so that the handheld long exposure can reach an amazing 2 seconds, and with a lidar scanner, making it the most powerful iPhone in history.

In addition to strong performance, the whole series of iphone12, iphone12mini, iphone12pro and iphone12promax all support the new MagSafe magnetic suction charging technology, bringing a convenient and fast charging experience different from the past.

1、 MagSafe magnetic suction charging technology for the first time

Since the beginning of iPhone 8 in 2017, Apple has added the wireless charging function to all iPhone models, which is similar to other mobile phone wireless charging methods. When it is placed on the wireless charger, it starts charging.

Apple is optimistic about the wireless charging function, but admits that the wireless charging depends on the alignment of the transmitting coil and the receiving coil. The traditional wireless charger can not achieve the best effect when it is placed at will. If it is placed askew, it will bring problems such as low efficiency of wireless charging, poor power, slow charging and serious heating, which hinder the development of wireless charging and bring bad experience.

Starting from the root, Apple has launched a new MagSafe magnetic charging technology to solve the bad experience of traditional wireless charging. The iPhone 12 mobile phone, peripheral accessories and charger are equipped with MagSafe magnetic parts to achieve the effect of automatic positioning and alignment. The iPhone 12, iPhone 12mini and iPhone 12pro are equipped with new MagSafe magnetic charging technology.

2、 How MagSafe magnetic charge works

Go into analysis and explore MagSafe wireless charging function of iPhone 12

As can be seen from the perspective of iPhone 12, the MagSafe magnetic suction charging system has a unique component structure, a unique winding coil to withstand greater receiving power, a nanocrystalline panel to capture magnetic flux, and an improved shielding layer to receive wireless fast charging more safely.

A dense magnet array is integrated in the periphery of the wireless receiving coil to realize the automatic alignment and adsorption with other magnetic suction accessories, so as to improve the wireless receiving efficiency.

Equipped with a high-sensitivity magnetometer, the iPhone 12 can respond immediately to the change of induced magnetic field strength, so that it can quickly identify magnetic suction accessories and prepare for wireless charging.

3、 What is the charging power of MagSafe

Since the iPhone 8 was equipped with 7.5W wireless charging, the wireless charging power of all previous iPhones has stopped at 7.5W. MagSafe magnetic absorption charging technology has doubled the wireless charging performance, with the maximum power of 15W.

Go into analysis and explore MagSafe wireless charging function of iPhone 12

In addition to MagSafe magnetic suction charging, the full range of iPhone 12 still supports a wide range of Qi wireless charging with power up to 7 . 5W。

Users need faster charging speed, can use the original MagSafe magnetic suction charger, and the market wide circulation of Qi wireless charger can continue to use.

4、 Different usage of MagSafe magnetic suction charging

Compared with traditional chargers, MagSafe magnetic suction charger is quite different in use. In terms of appearance, MagSafe magnetic suction charger is a bit like apple watch’s magnetic suction charger. The metal shell is flat and round, with a power supply cable, which is small and light.

Go into analysis and explore MagSafe wireless charging function of iPhone 12

When the iPhone 12 is placed, the MagSafe magnetic absorption charger will bounce up directly because of its strong magnetic force and emit a “tower” sound. It will automatically align with the magnetic ring on the mobile phone and firmly absorb it. The transmitting coil and receiving coil can achieve millimeter level alignment accuracy that cannot be achieved by manual placement, so as to achieve high efficiency and high power charging.

Because of the magnetic adsorption, after the iPhone 12 is fully charged on the MagSafe magnetic suction charger, it can’t pick up the mobile phone at will like the previous wireless charger, so it needs to manually separate and remove the MagSafe magnetic suction charger, which is the same as applewatch’s magnetic suction charger.

5、 MagSafe magnetic suction charging advantages

Compared with wired charging, wireless charging system is easy to use, but the process of transmitting energy across the air depends on the accurate alignment of transmitting coil and receiving coil. Apple applied magnetic absorption technology to wireless charging, which completely solved the eternal problem of wireless charging.

There is no possibility of skew, so that the wireless charging efficiency can be optimized, and it is feasible to improve the wireless charging power. The wireless charging power of this generation of iPhone 12 is doubled from 7.5W to 15W, which greatly improves the wireless charging speed and reduces the waiting time of users.

MagSafe magnetic suction charging convenient adsorption can develop more playability. For accessories, MagSafe magnetic suction charging also supports Qi wireless charging standard, which means that third-party manufacturers can develop 7.5wqi standard magnetic wireless charger and other accessories by themselves. In the future, I believe Apple will adopt MFI like standard to open MagSafe magnetic suction charging license to manufacturers that meet the specifications, and the third-party manufacturers can develop MagSafe magnetic wireless charger and other accessories by themselves The market of square magnet parts will break out.

6、 What magnetic suction accessories does Apple offer

1. MagSafe bidirectional charger

I believe many iPhone users will buy applewatch to use. When they need to charge, it’s troublesome for iPhone and applewatch to charge separately. Apple has developed MagSafe dual charger for iPhone 12 and apple watch. There are independent wireless transmitting coils in the left and right areas. One charger can charge iPhone and apple watch at the same time.

MagSafe dual charger has a white leather appearance. Soft connection is used between the two areas. Applewatch area has a mechanical structure, which can be turned down and flat. It supports the overall folding and storage, which makes it more convenient to take out.

2. Belkin Belkin MagSafe vehicle bracket

Belkin Belkin, Apple’s strategic partner, also launched MagSafe vehicle holder, which can be easily installed at the air outlet of the air conditioner through the tail clamp. Compared with other elastic clamps, the magnetic suction system is more convenient to use, and it can supplement power for the mobile phone while using iPhone navigation in the car.

3. Belkin Belkin MagSafe multi charging base

Home users often need to face the demand of charging multiple Apple devices at the same time. Belkin Belkin MagSafe multi charging base just solves this problem. It has three wireless charging areas and supports simultaneous charging of Apple watch, air pods and iPhone. In the iPhone area, the mobile phone can be seen leaning and hanging in the air, and the MagSafe magnetic absorption wireless charging design is also adopted.

4. MagSafe magnetic protection shell

Apple has launched a new protective case with a magnet, which is made of silicone, transparent and leather. It is easy to pull on and take off the iPhone. The magnetic protection case will not affect the user’s use of other magnetic accessories, and the magnetic protection case will not affect the normal use of MagSafe magnetic charger.

5. MagSafe magnetic card bag

In addition to the protective case, Apple also launched MagSafe magnetic card bag, which can be put into conventional cards such as bank cards and traffic cards. It can be easily adsorbed on the back of iPhone 12 or MagSafe magnetic card protective case through magnetic force, making it more convenient for users to carry cards out of doors.


In terms of price, the iPhone starts at 126299 yuan and the iPhone 12mini5499 yuan. Iphone12promax starts at $9299.

MagSafe silicone protective case and MagSafe transparent protective case are priced at 399 yuan regardless of size, and MagSafe magnetic wireless charger is priced at 329 yuan.

The launch of the iPhone 12 series once again brought the strongest iPhone in history, 5g high-speed communication, professional camera system, and 5nma14 powerful computing power, which were outstanding in all fields.

In terms of charging, wired charging supports 20wpd fast charging, while wireless charging is a big change. The newly developed MagSafe magnetic absorption wireless charging system is aimed at user experience, making coil automatic alignment more convenient and easy to use, doubling the wireless charging power to 15W, and compatible with 7.5wqi wireless charging standard.

Wireless charging has unlimited possibilities. MagSafe magnetic absorption wireless charging will change people’s usage habits and improve iPhone fragmentation charging experience. Both the market and the industrial chain will usher in new changes.

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