At the launch of the glory 20 Youth Edition, the glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset also appeared, with a price of 399 yuan.

We fast technology has already got this earphone first. Here is a picture for you.

The glory XSport Pro features a memory metal neck strap to keep the headset from falling off during intense sports. The earphone cable is made of braided rope and matched with semi in ear earplug, which not only effectively reduces the stethoscope effect, but also makes the earphone light and comfortable.

The gradual change fuselage design, the neck belt part is black, the earphone part is red, is full of the movement feeling, also has the thick electric competition breath.

At the same time, the glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset has 18 days of ultra long battery life, and supports the “flash charging and flash connection” function. Through the built-in type-C connector of the headset, users can use mobile phones, tablets, PCs and other devices to charge the headset in reverse, without external power supply and charging cable, which solves the problem of emergency power supply in the process of wearing outdoor headphones.

At the same time, the headset will be equipped with Huawei hipair flash connection technology. After being inserted into the mobile phone, Bluetooth pairing can be completed according to the pop-up window on the screen, which further improves the convenience of operation.

Glory xsportpro sports Bluetooth headset HD Atlas

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