1、 Foreword: it was born to solve all your dissatisfaction with wireless headphones

Since the mobile phone manufacturers successively cancelled the 3.5mm headphone interface, the wired headphones have gradually declined. For users, they can’t listen to music while charging any more, and it’s very inconvenient to bring one more adapter line.

Glory xsportpro sports Bluetooth headset evaluation is unique and competitive

As a result, wireless headphones also ushered in a great opportunity of rapid growth, a variety of wireless headphones came into being. But awesome care for this and lose that. Most of us hope that the technology is limited, the connection is stable, the light is portable, the quality of sound is qualified, the endurance is not always on the same headset.

In order to solve people’s dissatisfaction with wireless headphones, glory’s star product line XSport was finally updated. At the press conference on the 22nd, glory launched a new generation of neck band sports Bluetooth headset, glory XSport pro. As the same model of Lixian, it not only has super high face value, but also has strong functional configuration.

Glory XSport Pro uses gradient technology to create colorful fuselage to attract attention, add flash charging and long-term service and other features. Especially noteworthy is the addition of flash charging and connection function, which simplifies the process of mobile phone connection and Bluetooth pairing. Users can use electronic devices with type-C interface and support reverse charging, and no need to carry additional power supply and charging cable.

Based on glory’s strong innovation and R & D strength, this headset has outstanding performance in more aspects. Next, let’s learn about it with the evaluation of the essay.

2、 Appearance: the same headset of glory mobile phone also has gradients

Glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset currently has three different color matching versions, namely, mirabilis, seagull grey and starcloud purple. Fast tech has mirabilis in its hands.

Take the glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset out of the box, you can see that its appearance is the same as the neck band sports Bluetooth headset. However, the gradient elements derived from the glory mobile phone are a big innovation highlight, adding a lot of flexibility to the movement.

The arc-shaped back neck of the glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset is made of silica gel. You can feel the unique skin feel of silica gel when wearing or touching it, and it will not produce a foreign body diaphragm feeling. It is quite comfortable, smooth and almost without damping.

It is worth mentioning that nickel titanium alloy memory metal is wrapped inside the silica gel, which is also the reason why the arc-shaped rear neck wire of glory XSport Pro can still maintain its natural state and no wrinkles after bending for many times. Nitinol alloy memory metal can also maintain its firmness while taking into account its lightness.

At the same time, the wire near the earplug of the glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset adopts braided wire, which is different from the silica gel at the back neck, so the heterogeneous and heterogeneous collocation has visual impact and contrast.

Glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset supports remote control, including volume key, power key, function key, and led breathing light on the side to display real-time status. In addition, we have our own call mic. If you use the glory mobile phone, you can also call the voice assistant through the headphone remote control.

The location marked with the glory logo is the battery compartment, which is also made of aluminum alloy, just like the remote control part.

In this way, the glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset adopts a symmetrical cavity design, and the battery compartment is separated from the two sides of the wire control, which is to avoid the disadvantages of the traditional neck band Bluetooth headset, and keep the balance of the center of gravity as a whole. The author can obviously feel that it is more stable when wearing it.

There is a beautiful metal CD texture on the back cover of the earplug, which is very careful and can enhance the overall sense of delicacy.

Glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset adopts half in ear earplug, which can be matched with three different sizes of soft rubber ear support, so it has a great choice.

Interestingly, the glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset can be divided into two parts manually, which is the biggest difference between the glory XSport pro and the traditional neck band Bluetooth headset.

The type C connector is built in one side, which can be connected in seconds (flash connection only supports Huawei emui 9.1 and glory magic UI 2.1 or above) and charged (the mobile phone needs to support reverse charging).

Glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset earplug back with magnetic suction design, daily need to take off the headset scene at hand, the two can automatically back-to-back adsorption together, no longer need to worry about the headset slipping, at the same time, the headset in the moment of magnetic suction will disconnect from Bluetooth to save electricity.

3、 User experience: born for sports

1. Comfortable to wear

Glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset is very suitable for sports or fitness, which is reflected in its many design details. First of all, the earplug is very close to the ear canal, and the lightweight body is light and comfortable to wear. Even if you exercise for a long time, you won’t feel uncomfortable. It’s more intimate that if the size of the ear brace is not suitable, you can choose one of the other 6 pairs of ear braces with different sizes that are included in the product.

According to the author’s experience, this Bluetooth headset has no burden to wear. It can stay on the ear in daily jogging and other sports without falling off; It also supports IP55 and dustproof and waterproof, which will not damage the earphone even in humid and dusty environment, so that you can deal with all kinds of outdoor sports environment without any scruples.

In addition, as we said in the appearance part, the inner part of the glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset neck cable is made of nickel titanium alloy memory metal, and is tightly wrapped by liquid silica gel. It is very soft in daily use. This design can protect the cable, avoid wear in sports, and basically will not leave sweat stains after each movement.

The characteristics of memory metal inside the neck cable of glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset is a good point. The author found that no matter how the cable is wound in daily use. As long as the wire is loosened, it will automatically return to its original appearance. Before going to the gym, fold it and store it in the bag or pocket. It has not been entangled with other wires, so it is very easy to take it out.

Glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset also adopts the design of intelligent magnetic switch, which can identify the use status of the headset. When the two earphones are adsorbed on each other, they will automatically disconnect from the Bluetooth of the mobile phone. After the two earphones are separated into the ear, they will quickly connect to the Bluetooth of the mobile phone. Before starting exercise, you just need to put the earphone on the earphone to play music automatically; When you need to interrupt the music and talk with people, you don’t need to pause / resume the music manually on the mobile phone. Just take off / put on the earphone smartly. Glory XSport Pro will help you handle the pause and resume of the music by itself.

2. Bluetooth connection is convenient and fast

Bluetooth headset is especially popular among sports people due to the lack of the connection between Bluetooth headset and mobile phone. However, the operation process of Bluetooth connection is always a difficult problem that people can’t get around. In the past, I have purchased many wireless Bluetooth headsets. One of the problems I often encounter is that the operation of Bluetooth connection between many headsets and mobile phones is very difficult. Generally, I need to go through such a tedious step

Turn on the mobile phone to find the settings, and then find the Bluetooth switch from the settings to match with the function buttons on the headset. What’s more, ask the user to download the app… Then turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone to retrieve the Bluetooth signal of the headset, so that the two can be connected. Some of the first batch of crowdfunding products will encounter pairing failure.

Glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset supports Huawei hipair function. After Bluetooth is turned on, the user only needs to plug the headset type-C interface into glory or Huawei mobile phone, and the mobile phone will pop up the Bluetooth connection window and complete the initial pairing of Bluetooth with one button.

This unique solution simplifies the process of connecting the headset to the mobile phone through Bluetooth. Previously, the complex operation of manually searching for Bluetooth signals by two devices simultaneously was replaced by the current plug and play action.

However, it should be noted that at present, this function is only applicable to glory models of magic UI 2.1 and above and Huawei models of emui9.1 and above, which are not supported by other brands.

3. Flexible operation

The glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset supports remote control, which is more convenient for the wearer to operate during sports. It has volume (+, -) key, power key and function key. The function key can wake up the voice assistant with one key. In addition, long press the function key 2s to start the voice assistant / reject call click.

In addition, the function keys also support Click to play / pause music and answer / hang up the phone; Double click to enter the next song; Three hits return to the previous song.

4、 Sound quality experience: the sincere material for pleasant works to feel glory

Although the glory XSport Pro is a sports Bluetooth headset, it also performs well in terms of sound quality. The large dynamic loudspeaker unit with a diameter of 13mm, the sound cavity with built-in bass tube and the elastic TPU as the cantilever diaphragm all appear on it.

The effect still depends on the actual performance. Therefore, the author uses three songs to test the voice, high frequency and low frequency of the glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset.

I like to listen to Faye Wong’s “sky” while walking, which is also the female voice’s magic song in the heart of hifi enthusiasts. The high frequency is transparent, and the background music interference is very small. Under the interpretation of the glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset, the whole is clear, transparent and clean, and it’s very empty.

David Garrett’s “Viva La Vida” violin can’t be better when wearing the glory XSport pro. It has enough viscosity to show real and delicate high frequency in the performance of the glory XSport pro.

Sometimes I will listen to “all about that bass”, which is a low-frequency audition track that I often listen to. The level is relatively clear. In the restoration and deduction of glory XSport pro, the sense of low-frequency quantity and lower potential are acceptable.

In general, in terms of sound quality, the glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset is much better than the entry-level products.

5、 Charging experience: five minutes to listen to one afternoon

1. Endurance

Glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset comes with 120mAh battery and low-power chip, which can bring long-term life.

After the author’s actual test, it is found that the glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset can play music continuously for nearly 18 hours when it is fully charged. In addition, according to the official statement, the glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset can also realize 12 hours of voice calls.

2. Charging

In addition to Huawei mobile phones, the built-in type-C connector of glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset can also be plugged into the type-C interface of other brands of smart phones, tablet computers or PCs (the mobile phone / tablet / PC needs to support the reverse charging function of type C).

That is to say, as long as your mobile phone has power, the glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset will almost never power off.

The charging rate of glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset is several times that of other Bluetooth headsets used by the author before. After trial, generally, music can be played continuously for at least 4 hours after charging for more than 5 minutes (the author is used to playing music at about 50% volume).

In sports, it’s very disappointing that the music is interrupted because the headphones are dead. Glory XSport Pro can continuously play music for 18 hours. With the function of reverse charging, even if you spend an afternoon in the gym, you won’t worry about the power.

6、 Conclusion: the whole body’s popular style is unique and competitive

Since the 3.5mm headphone hole gradually disappeared in mobile phones, all kinds of Bluetooth headphones have emerged one after another. However, the products that can fully meet the simple needs listed in the preface have not appeared until the release of glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset.

In short, in terms of sound quality experience, the three elements of human voice, high frequency and low frequency of glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset are relatively balanced, without bias. In particular, the human voice is clear and bright, which means that all kinds of music can be eaten.

For Bluetooth headsets, as important as sound quality is wearing comfort, which is especially important for sports headsets. The glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset can bring a feeling of no burden. The liquid silicone package at the back neck and the braided thread near the earplug can give consideration to the beauty and skin feeling. It will not fall easily during sports, so it can avoid a lot of worries.

The most eye-catching is the convenient interaction added by the glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset: users can use electronic devices with type-C interface and support reverse charging, such as mobile phones and computers, to reverse charge the headset, and no longer need power supply and charging cable.

As an innovative representative of glory in the Bluetooth audio field, Huawei hipair flash charging and connecting technology shows its own characteristics, which makes glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset perfectly connect with glory mobile phone, and also increases its competitiveness for itself and glory brand mobile phone. I believe glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset will become a popular product again.

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