According to the news on October 15, at 10:08 this morning, Li now has an appointment for the same headset, glory XSport pro, which will be on sale this month.

As early as the press conference in Wuhan on September 4, glory successively launched the most powerful self portrait mobile phone, glory 20s, and glory play 3 mobile phone with frightening technology. Fashion ambassador and national boyfriend Li Xian also came to the scene to share glory new products with you. At the end of the press conference, he also exposed the glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset.

Glory xsportpro open booking will be on sale this month

In terms of color matching, this headset adopts a blue gradient design, which is very fashionable.

The glory XSport Pro features a memory metal neck strap to keep the headset from falling off during intense sports. The earphone cable is made of braided rope and matched with semi in ear earplug, which not only effectively reduces the stethoscope effect, but also makes the earphone light and comfortable.

At the same time, the glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset has ultra long battery life and reverse charging function. Considering that XSport has achieved 10 days of standby and 11 hours of battery life, the battery life of glory XSport pro sports Bluetooth headset should be more powerful.

In addition, as an upgraded sports headset, it may also add some sports monitoring functions, such as the most common heart rate, pressure, etc., to make it more in line with the identity of sports headset.

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