On December 20, glory small K2 children’s watch was officially launched in Huawei mall and opened reservation. It supports seven fold positioning, indoor accurate positioning, high-volume calls and shaking to add friends. At present, the deposit of 20 yuan can be offset by 40 yuan, which was officially listed on December 26.

Glory small K2 children’s watch provides magic blue and sweetheart powder in two colors, equipped with 1.3-inch TFT touch screen, 240×240 pixels, 4MB memory, 16MB flash memory, suitable wrist size 110mm ~ 180mm, and silicone strap. Support nano SIM card, not NFC.

In addition. Glory small K2 children’s watch supports IP67 waterproof, and can be used freely when washing hands and raining. Battery capacity 660mah, micro USB charging interface, theoretical charging time 2 hours, standby time 7 days.

The matching system must support Android 4.4 or IOS 9.0 or above. The functions supported by the watch include:

Replace the dial; Address book, voice call and call record; SOS emergency call for help; Support adding friends, friend chat and family group chat; Environmental sound listening and other security guards; Support positioning, safe areas and finding children; Step counting, friend ranking and likes; Parents issue rewards, children actively apply for rewards and check rewards; SMS viewing; Call fee query; Weather, stopwatch, alarm clock and other small applications.

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