(reported by electronic enthusiast / Zhang Ying) since April, the global consumer electronics downturn has become a trend. In the summer when the mobile phone trend is the same and the chip performance improvement is limited, the change cycle of consumers has been pulled to 28 months. Several colleagues and friends around the reporter who hope to change planes are now in a wait-and-see attitude. A microblog blogger “HYK” believes that there are two directions for friends who are considering changing their mobile phones this year: one is that the experience of new phones has not changed significantly, and those who do need to change their phones can consider extreme cost-effective mobile phones between 2000 yuan and 3000 yuan, with basically enough functions; Second, the flagship mobile phone should be considered to buy the top configuration. After all, the 5g flagship mobile phone has been around 7000 yuan. Only the top mobile phone can have the top experience, including video, vlog photography and playing games.

According to the data of international research agency counterpoint, the market share of Android smartphones priced above $600 in China has shrunk from 44.6% in 2020 to 36.5% in 2021, and its 8% share has been won by Apple’s high-end phones.

On April 25, cinno research, a domestic research institution, released the latest data of the domestic mobile phone market in the first quarter. The data showed that in the first quarter of 2022, the sales of smart phones in the Chinese Mainland market was about 74.39 million, a decrease of 14.4% compared with the same period last year, and a slight increase of 0.7% compared with the fourth quarter last year. Oppo ranked first in terms of sales volume, with a month on month increase of 9.4% and a year-on-year decrease of 37.6%; Glory ranked second in sales volume, with a month on month increase of 20.9% and a year-on-year increase of 176.0%.

In the case of such a downturn in the mobile phone market, both apple and glory have made outstanding performances in the market. The author believes that this indicates a new round of trend of 5g smart phone market in the second quarter.

5g smart phone high-end market: apple is the dominant player, with an increase of 10million orders in the second quarter

According to the elec, the Korean media, affected by various factors, Apple will cut the production of iPhone Se in the second quarter by 20%, and the production of iphone13 will also be cut. However, the production of iphone13 Pro Series in the second quarter will increase by 10million units on the basis of the original plan. Among them, the production of iphone13 Pro will increase from 1million units to more than 7million units, and the production of iphone13 Pro Max will increase from 3million units to 6million units, A total of 10million units have been added.

We can see from the data of cinno research in the domestic market in the first quarter that although apple only ranked fourth in the first quarter, the month on month sales decreased by 35.0%, which was less popular than the initial launch of iPhone 13 series in the fourth quarter of last year, but the year-on-year decrease was only 1.3%, which was due to the strong shipping cycle of Apple iPhone 13 series in the last quarter, with a large base. Apple fell back to normal this season.

Picture from cinno research

Apple’s three iPhone 13 series models (iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro max, iPhone 13 Pro) still firmly occupy the top three of the single product sales list, and still have great advantages in revenue and profit. Among them, the sales volume of iPhone 13 in a single quarter was as high as 5.58 million, far ahead of all other single products.

The popularity of iphone13 pro in the middle and high-end market is still rising. Iphone13 pro, which has the advantage of large screen, is a best-selling category. When it was launched last year, due to the lack of chips and other materials, its production capacity has been limited. Recently, the shortage of materials has eased. In addition, the market demand for medium – and high-end smart phones is good. Apple has pursued its success and expanded its production at this moment to seize the market.

Another reason is that competitors have made mistakes. Samsung’s flagship 5g mobile phone S22 broke out the “deceleration gate” event, and the sales of S22 mobile phones fell in South Korea. Samsung was recently severely criticized for stifling the performance of its Galaxy S22 series. For this reason, it was removed from the benchmark application geekbench. The decline in sales of Galaxy S22 forced Samsung’s operator partners to significantly increase subsidies to sell more mobile phones. Apple’s decision to expand production at this time may be partly because it aims at the Korean smartphone market and eats Samsung’s high-end market share.

Glory stands firm in the low-end market and tries to explore the high-end market! Q1 performance reaches the second place in China

According to the data of cinno research, in the first quarter of 2022, glory’s mobile phone shipments in the Chinese market reached 12.6 million, a month on month increase of 20.9% and a year-on-year increase of 176.0%. It is only 2million units away from the first oppo. At the same time, the sales volume of oppo, vivo and Xiaomi in the first quarter fell by 20-40% year-on-year. The glorious product strategy, channel and consumer acceptance have all performed well.

We can see that in just one year, glory was promoted from others to the second place. Glory achieved brand rebirth and self transcendence with brilliant achievements, firmly occupying the second place in the quarter. Three of its models ranked among the top 10 in the first quarter, namely, Honor 60, Honor X30 and Honor Play 30 plus.

In addition to expanding sales at the middle and low end, glory has been trying to expand sales at the middle and high end. On February 28 and March 17 this year, glory released its flagship magic4 series of mobile phones overseas and at home, bringing extreme impact in terms of design, image and system, leaping into the door of the high-end mobile phone market and raising the price to more than 8000 yuan for the first time, which is an unprecedented attempt of glory.

On March 25, the flagship model of glory magic4 was launched in China. This mobile phone is not very popular on the Internet, but it ranks the second in terms of single unit sales. It has sold 79900 units, which is three times as many as Xiaomi 12. What is the good about Honor Magic4? The author believes that the advantage of Honor Magic4 is not in performance, but in excellent industrial design ability.

Picture: taken by Honor Magic4 Pro mobile phone electronics enthusiasts

In March, the sales volume of smart phones in the Chinese Mainland market was about 2004 million, with a year-on-year decline of 24.7%, and a month on month decline of 14.6% compared with February. The situation of double contraction in the same month on month continued again. The top two brands in terms of sales volume are glory and oppo, with a month on month decrease of 11.9% and 15.6% respectively. Glory has a year-on-year increase of 143.6%, while oppo has a year-on-year decrease of 45.9%.

Before glory, the dilemma was always focused on cost-effective phones. Now, magic3 has made an attempt to enter the high-end smartphone market, and magic4 has officially launched an all-round attack. “The standard version of Honor Magic4 came into the market. We see that more than 60% of the users who purchase the machine come from apple and Huawei. This situation also makes us very excited.” Zhaoming, CEO of glory Terminal Co., Ltd., recently told the media, “glory’s offline channel sales account for more than 70%, and the channel construction speed will be accelerated unprecedentedly.”

The analysis data of canalys, an international research agency, on the global smart phone market in 2021 shows that the main growth in the high-end smart phone market is driven by Apple’s new computer. In the domestic market, according to the data, many of the high-end mobile phone market shares Huawei occupied in China in the past have been eroded by apple. It can be seen that most of Huawei’s original users have not transferred to glory.

The high-end road is very difficult. In terms of design and self-developed technology, glory still hasn’t gone out of its own way. Its appearance is still imitating Huawei’s previous flagship aircraft. On the one hand, glory lacks enough time and needs a continuous process to demonstrate its self-developed ability. Magic4 and magicv are self-developed works, and market feedback takes time; On the other hand, the glory brand needs to build confidence, not only to achieve the top three in the domestic market, but also whether smart phones can open up sales in overseas markets and truly enter the international first-line brands will take time. 2022 is the year of the rise of glory. We hope to see more changes brought about by glory in the future.

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