On the afternoon of November 22, glory announced the launch of its new smart Bracelet product “glory Bracelet 5I”. Its biggest feature is that it supports USB standard interface to charge at any time.

At present, the smart bracelets on the market are basically using the special snap contact charging scheme. They not only have to carry a special charger at any time, but also have the problems of contact wear and unable to charge after a long time. USB charging at any time can definitely avoid these embarrassments.

Glory Bracelet 5I officially released, priced at 159 yuan

The glory Bracelet 5I features a 0.96 inch TFT full-color touch screen and home button with a resolution of 160 × 80, one screen can display 30 letters, you can choose a rich creative dial, the appearance of meteorite black, coral powder, olive green three styles.

It also supports scientific sleep monitoring, intelligent heart rate monitoring, 301 Hospital heart health research plan, 9 kinds of exercise modes, control of mobile phone music playing, etc. it also supports 5atm 50 meter waterproof.

The battery capacity is 91mah, and the battery life is 7-9 days according to different use modes.

The price is 159 yuan. You can enjoy a 10 yuan discount if you participate in the pre-sale of deposit. The starting price is 149 yuan, and the top 20 pay the balance and send headphones.

Pre sale starts at 18:00 today and ends at 24:00 on the 31st. It will be on sale at 0:00 on November 1.

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