October 22 news, in this afternoon’s glory 20 youth new product launch, glory Bracelet 5I also appeared, the Standard Version price 159 yuan.

Glory Bracelet 5I is available in meteorite black, coral powder and olive green. We fast technology has got the version of coral powder, and we’ll bring you a picture.

Glory Bracelet 5I integrates USB convenient charging, rich dial, oxygen saturation detection, intelligent heart rate monitoring, scientific sleep monitoring, nine sports modes, mobile payment and other cutting-edge technologies. It is a convenient charging healthy sports bracelet for young people who pay attention to health and sports.

It is equipped with 0.96 inch full touch color screen, single screen display up to 30 Chinese characters, built-in 50 + rich dial, a variety of dial to show the trend of personality. The strap is made of silica gel, which makes it more comfortable to wear.

Glory Bracelet 5I innovatively adopts the way of “USB plug charging”, which perfectly hides the charging head in the wristband of the wristband. Remove the wristband by pressing the disassembly button, and then plug the charging head into any USB interface to charge.

The new charging method brings a comprehensive upgrade of the user experience. Whether it’s the USB interface of the computer, the power bank or the charger of the mobile phone, you can charge the bracelet with one plug.

In terms of function, the glory Bracelet 5I has built-in 9 sports modes, covering a variety of sports scenes, 50 meter waterproof, and supports a comprehensive health monitoring system for blood oxygen, heart rate and sleep.

Glory Bracelet 5I high definition Atlas

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