1、 It can not only measure blood oxygen, but also charge more conveniently

Since the launch of the glory Bracelet 5I, the rich dial style, blood oxygen monitoring function, magic color screen and all day intelligent heart rate monitoring have brightened people’s eyes. Attention to health status has always been a lack of young people, and glory Bracelet not only has a fashionable appearance, but also has blood oxygen, heart rate detection function, convenient for health management, naturally won many young people’s love.

As a portable smart device, most of the products on the market need a charging stand and a charging cable to charge, which runs counter to its portable, portable and intelligent design concept. The design of special charging interface lacks generality, so an extra wire is added, which often leads to the dilemma of not finding it when needed and forgetting to take it when going out.

Glory Bracelet 5I evaluates everything for more convenient improvement

The glory Bracelet 5I improves on this point. While inheriting the excellent product gene of glory Bracelet 5, it adopts the plug and play USB interface design, which makes this bracelet truly portable. Without any additional equipment, a bracelet is all it has.

You may have heard of how perfect the health management system of glory bracelet is, but you never know for yourself. It is not clear how the portable charging function reflects the portability and how it is different from the original charging method. Next, let’s learn about it through detailed evaluation.

2、 Appearance: fashionable, light and colorful dial shows the vitality of young people

In appearance, the design of glory Bracelet 5I is very similar to glory Bracelet 5, and the main part of the bracelet is basically unchanged. The wristband is made of soft and comfortable silicone material, and there are three colors of meteorite black, coral powder and olive green to choose from, which is more suitable for young people.

Glory Bracelet 5I also uses a color screen, which supports touch control. The color and resolution are very good.

Through Huawei sports health app, you can replace a variety of colorful dials, and the official provides many styles to choose from.

The back part of the sensor, like the 5th generation, is equipped with an IR sensor. At ordinary times, it can rely on the traditional green light sensor to detect the heart rate and other data. When the bracelet recognizes that the user has fallen asleep, it will use the invisible infrared light detection, which has to be said to be a very intimate function.

3、 Health test: it can know the state of exercise, sleep quality and heart health

The most important feature of glory Bracelet 5I is its perfect health and exercise monitoring system. Not only can you know your life and health status through the glory Bracelet 5I, but also can help you make a summary of the exercise effect during the exercise. Here we mainly from the health and sports two functions to make comments.

——Comprehensive health monitoring system

Glory Bracelet 5I supports heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring and scientific sleep. In particular, blood oxygen detection is an extremely rare function in bracelets of the same price.

1. Blood oxygen saturation test

Blood oxygen saturation is a very important health index, which can reflect the oxygen supply of the body. When the blood oxygen is lower than 90%, it will cause fatigue, shortness of breath, lack of energy and other symptoms, and damage the body function for a long time, which needs continuous detection and auxiliary judgment. Glory Bracelet 5I realizes the measurement of blood oxygen through algorithm optimization. Although the accuracy can not be compared with medical instruments, it is very useful for individuals to continuously detect their own blood oxygen changes.

For example, the author has been engaged in mental work for a long time. In the past, when he was tired, he would hold on hard. He thought that it would be better to have a rest later. As a result, he still felt very tired even though he had a rest. Blood oxygen monitoring gives me a good reference, so that I can persuade myself to have a rest in time when blood oxygen drops. When blood oxygen returns to more than 90% of the health value, I will be energetic and work more efficiently. It can be said that regular monitoring of blood oxygen data is also a powerful data to judge whether they are in sub-health state.

Each time the test results of blood oxygen will be recorded in the app, you can see your lowest and highest values on a certain day, so as to have a general understanding of your blood oxygen level. The author has a good rest today. We can see that the blood oxygen level has been kept within the healthy value.

2. Heart rate monitoring

The glory 5I features Huawei trusee ™ 3.5 intelligent heart rate monitoring system can achieve more accurate results and reduce power consumption. Thanks to this, heart rate monitoring can run on its own, monitoring your 24-hour heart rate changes.

In addition, the heart rate monitoring of glory Bracelet 5I is not only to monitor the value, but also to judge your heart rate situation according to your exercise state and warn of abnormal heart rate. Exercise heart rate will be recognized as exercise heart rate. When you sit still, sleep heart rate will be recorded as resting heart rate. Different classifications are more convenient for you to judge whether your heart rate is normal according to the exercise state at that time.

For example, in the fat burning stage, the heart rate is between 115 and 133 beats / min; Aerobic endurance exercise is 134-152 times / min; Anaerobic endurance exercise is 153-171 times / min. Using heart rate detection, we can find abnormal heart rate that is too high or too low. This can help us discover our underlying heart disease, and early treatment is more effective.

For example, the heart rate of the author during walking is 121-132 beats / min, which is exactly the same as the fat burning stage. For people who want to lose weight, it is more efficient to lose weight at this time, and the exercise intensity is appropriate and easy to maintain at this level. With heart rate detection, we can combine the purpose of our own exercise to better plan the fitness intensity and achieve the best effect.

Thanks to the intelligent heart rate monitoring recording of heart rate changes over a long period of time, glory Bracelet 5I supports the heart health programs of 301 hospitals. Through docking analysis data, early warning of arrhythmia and other problems, so that you can go to the hospital for treatment earlier. However, due to the fact that the glory Bracelet 5I has not been released during the evaluation, the app has not been adapted. The author has not experienced this function yet, and looks forward to the function update in the future.

3. Sleep monitoring

Sleep monitoring is also the standard of many bracelets, but the supporting app of glory Bracelet 5I introduces a sleep quality scoring system to help you better understand and analyze the significance of deep sleep and light sleep data.

——Intimate exercise monitoring

The glory Bracelet 5I supports indoor and outdoor monitoring of walking, running and riding, as well as monitoring of elliptical machine, rowing machine and free training. It supports a total of 9 sports modes, and records the heart rate, fat burning state and sports data. The author simply tests the outdoor walking mode.

The bracelet interface during exercise will record your heart rate, steps, pace and distance, and tell you whether you are burning fat or not, which is very convenient.

The recording interface after exercise will record your track, and make an evaluation of your current exercise, such as calorie consumption and other data.

The glory Bracelet 5I supports the monitoring of a variety of sports modes. At the same time, the app also provides special training tutorials such as tablet support. You can use the mobile phone to cooperate with the bracelet for targeted training.

Huawei sports health app has also designed a social and challenge system, where users can build communities, invite friends to exercise together and supervise each other; You can also unlock new medals by accumulating mileage and calories through constant exercise.

It can be said that in terms of health monitoring and exercise monitoring, the performance of the glory bracelet is impeccable, and the glory Bracelet 5I is not disappointing this time. For people who care about their physical condition, it is definitely a worthwhile choice.

4、 Charging: plug and play USB interface makes the bracelet truly portable

The change of charging interface is the biggest change of 5I. Compared with the previous design that still needs to use a special charging cable, the glory Bracelet 5I adopts a universal USB interface design, which can be said to completely get rid of the constraints of the charging cable and become a more independent and convenient device.

When you need to charge, you can pull out the wristband and plug it directly into the USB interface, which saves the trouble of redundant wires, and you don’t have to worry about too many charging wires, and they are messy together. Charging is also very convenient, after all, USB interface as a universal interface popularity is quite high.

Even if you leave your desk, it’s very convenient to charge the 5I. Whether you’re at home or on business, you can always recharge your battery whenever you have a USB interface, and you don’t have to worry about the trouble of holding a cable.

5、 Other functions: colorful dial, mobile payment, message view, all of them are available

Glory Bracelet 5I provides a variety of dial styles to choose from in the dial market. Users can show their unique personality through the colorful dial. Unfortunately, it does not support the function of custom dial. It would be better if it could be added in the subsequent update. However, there are many choices at present, such as cartoon, fashion, cute pet and illustration.

The mobile payment function is also indispensable to the present bracelet. The glory Bracelet 5I can also bind Alipay to carry out mobile payment. After the binding is completed, it can decide the amount of the wallet on its own, and the payment can be made by using the hand ring to produce the payment code when payment is made.

Message push function is also indispensable. In the app, you can set the app message to be pushed, and it is more convenient and beautiful to view the message through the color screen.

In addition, the bracelet also supports mobile phone retrieval, remote control photography, unfamiliar number recognition and other functions, which can be said to make use of the convenience of the bracelet to all aspects of life.

6、 Conclusion: all for more convenient improvement, a more perfect product

Glory Bracelet 5I as a main young people’s sports health bracelet, the taste of young people can be said to work hard. Youth fashion modeling, a variety of color strap, colorful dial, in the appearance of young people have been hanging enough taste. Multiple exercise modes and health monitoring function are also very suitable for young people’s pursuit of healthy life. The improved plug and play USB charging interface, do not worry about the problem of charging cable, as long as there is a USB interface can be charged, greatly expanding its convenience.

With the use of app, remote control photography, mobile payment and message viewing, these functions are also very suitable for our use scenes in life. For example, I often worry about not being able to see the message in time. The function of message view can make the message vibrate when there is a message and view it directly on the bracelet, which is very convenient.

Although I’m not a sports lover, I still care about my health. Through Huawei health app, I can understand my recent health status, urge myself to do sports, and see my sports data, which can be said to be a great sense of achievement.

Such a perfect health movement monitoring system, there are many convenient functions that young people need, such as plug and play fast charging mode, fashionable color and appearance, can get to young people’s point. 159 yuan price is not high, such as blood oxygen monitoring function in this price before the bracelet is unique. In all aspects, the glory Bracelet 5I is a cost-effective health exercise bracelet for young people.

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