With the popularity of smart devices, smart wearable devices have gradually entered people’s lives. With its lightweight size, fashionable appearance and friendly price, bracelets not only began to replace traditional watches, but also began to meet people’s needs for health management and social life. IDC data shows that among the common smart bracelets, smart watches, smart glasses and other forms, bracelets have the largest shipment.

In combination with IDC’s outlook on the wearable market from 2018 to 2022, the compound annual growth rate of products is 12.5%. Although the shipment of bracelets will maintain growth in the next few years, it is also facing the “wanton plundering” of share by smart watches, and the former “first brother” is facing “growing pains”. This means that bracelet products should not only make full use of the lightweight features to consolidate the role of “sports health” steward, but also make bold innovations in inheritance to maintain vitality and vitality.

This morning, some netizens in the post bar found two new products when testing the glory sports wearing app, namely, the glory Bracelet 4 and the glory Bracelet 4 running version. In the small notes, the highlight of glory Bracelet 4 has also been quietly exposed. It is positioned as a touch large color screen heart rate bracelet, while glory Bracelet 4 running supports monitoring running posture, and the attributes of sports partners have been further sublimated.

So, would it be wise to use a low-power full touch color screen to improve the user experience and smooth the functional gap between the watch and the user?

According to the data, the glory Bracelet 3 was released in June last year. Judging from the time, it is indeed time to upgrade. Glory Bracelet 3 mainly features 0.91 inch OLED display, touch keys, 50m waterproof, wechat, QQ and other information content display, caller ID / call rejection, wrist lifting and bright screen, heart rate, sleep health monitoring management, 30 day endurance and other features. It is already quite versatile.

The picture shows glory Bracelet 3

If the disclosure is correct, the glory Bracelet 4 will be upgraded to a large-size touch color screen, and the heart rate monitoring function comparable to the accuracy of the heart rate band will continue.

We know that color screen and touch are the natural evolution direction of display devices. At present, the number of Bracelet devices equipped with color screen is not large, but its benefits are obvious——

1、 It can increase the aesthetics of the UI interface. Compared with the black-and-white display screen, the icons of the color screen will be more exquisite, and the exquisite color matching will improve the visual pleasure of users.

2、 It can improve the usability of functions. With the help of different colors, users can more easily distinguish functional menus. For example, heart rate can be intuitively red, wechat messages can be green, and even the direction of power can be perceived through color changes. It depends on how engineers give full play to their creativity.

3、 Enrich the degree of personalized customization. The appearance of the color screen will greatly enrich the standby panel style of the bracelet, making it convenient for users to reflect and display personalization.

However, the reason why the color screen has not been popularized on a large scale in the bracelet may also be related to the high cost, power consumption control, readability in the sun, durability, etc. the final performance of glory Bracelet 4 is also worth looking forward to.

In addition to the color screen, glory Bracelet 4 is expected to bring other updates, such as upgrading the previous generation of capacitive touch buttons to the global touch screen, which can further improve the convenience of operation and reduce the use and learning costs of new users.

Of course, the glory bracelet, which has always been unambiguous in the health level, is expected to develop relevant features in the inheritance, such as more accurate heart rate monitoring, customized exercise training plan and professional guidance, stress management functions (breathing training, sleep and decompression), etc.

Finally, let’s guess the price of glory Bracelet 4. Last year, the initial price of glory Bracelet 3 was 229 yuan (269 yuan for NFC version), while the starting price of Huawei B5 equipped with 1.13 inch AMOLED color screen was 999 yuan. By comparison, glory Bracelet 4 may fall at 400-500 yuan.

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