With the gradual promotion and implementation of 5g business, 6G network has also been put on the agenda. In September, the white paper on 6G wireless hotspot technology was released, marking that the global 6G research has entered the competition stage. Compared with 5g, 6G communication network will be further integrated with cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence. At the same time, in order to meet the demand for wireless transmission in a highly intelligent, digital and information-based society in the future, 6G wireless network will greatly improve the dimension and breadth of wireless connection, and support many scenarios such as ultra wide bandwidth video transmission, ultra-low delay industrial Internet of things, air space ground integrated interconnection and so on.

China Satcom Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Satcom”) is the only independent and controllable satellite communication operation enterprise with communication satellite resources in China. Relying on the advantages of the group’s aerospace industry chain, it strengthens the leading role of innovation, promotes the construction of satellite ground integration and the operation of heaven and earth integration, and carries out Internet information services based on satellite characteristics.

Recently, at the 2020 China International Information and Communication Exhibition (PT exhibition) with the theme of “network melts everything and wisdom to the future”, Li Xin, director of China Satcom business operation center, said that the traditional business fields of telecom operators are facing innovation and transformation, and the China Satcom large beam integrated service platform is effectively integrated, Provide customers with personalized overall satellite communication solutions and professional whole process satellite communication services.

Global 6G research has entered the competition stage, and the large beam integrated service platform provides services for the industry

The large beam integrated service platform provides services for all sectors of the industry

According to Li Xin, at present, China Satcom has built three special radio and television transmission satellites of Zhongxing 6A / 6B / 6C, two broadcast and television live broadcasting satellites of Zhongxing 9 and Zhongxing 9a, as well as large beam communication satellites such as Zhongxing 10, 11, 12 and Zhongxing 15, and Zhongxing 16 high flux broadband satellites. It has constructed satellite measurement and control, including Beijing, Kashgar, Hong Kong and Dujiangyan Business monitoring and high-throughput gateway station network. At this Pt exhibition, China Satcom brought the company’s rich and high-quality satellite resources and global station network layout, “1 + 3 + n” satellite business support and application platform, “land, sea and air” all-round integrated information service, airborne, shipborne, emergency, universal service, base station return and other satellite application scenarios and solutions, Promote the in-depth integration of satellite + Internet of things / Internet / 5G, presenting the information network scene of everything gathering, Zhilian life and benefiting the public. Comprehensive multi-directional layout, integration of heaven and earth.

With the listing of China Satcom, the business type of the company needs transformation and upgrading, and the satcom large beam comprehensive service platform also came into being. According to Li Xin, China Satcom large beam integrated service platform effectively integrates the information in the pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales process of transponder business on one platform to realize the unified management of transponder resource information, transponder sales market information, transponder service information and transponder customer information. The external platform has established a perfect customer service system, integrating dozens of functions such as product introduction, satellite resource query, upstream and downstream information of the industrial chain, rapid customization service of temporary business, and introduced “Internet” means to record the whole process of customer service and internal operation and maintenance. Various customers can obtain services online and offline. Give full play to the advantageous position of Satcom in the industry through the platform, gather the information of domestic and international satellite communication equipment manufacturers and integrators, and provide customers with personalized overall solutions for satellite communication and professional whole process satellite communication services.

The platform provides users with all kinds of satellite communication overall solutions and related engineering cases. Users can query Satcom’s resource information and product introduction through the platform. The platform can quickly allocate satellite transponder frequency resources for customers and provide independent and convenient temporary business services; It can provide store style display space for integrators or equipment suppliers, and promote its products to more people inside and outside the industry with the help of Weitong’s industry brand influence; Even enthusiasts and industry masters can obtain various multimedia technical materials and first-hand industry information about satellite communication through the platform, and share their views in the community.

Innovation and transformation of service platform to promote multi-party cooperation

Platform development is the path of innovation and development of China Satcom. The platform can provide more information for the industry. Next, with the measurement data on the platform, the platform can not only realize the interconnection between people, but also realize the multi-dimensional and multi-dimensional integration of customers, sales, technicians and measurement data. While building a perfect platform, China Satcom is also actively developing partners. Take advantage of the platform to communicate with cooperative enterprises and experts in time. With the gradual increase of miniaturized terminals in China in recent years, the platform provides a window for industry researchers, experts and small entrepreneurial teams to help users do authentication, provide technology for partners, enable win-win, better apply new products and realize the integration of different business fields. For example, in May this year, China Satcom, together with Xinhua news agency and other units, creatively conducted 5g + satellite + 8K live broadcasting of the two sessions. This is the first satellite + 8K live broadcast in China, and also the first live broadcast of the two sessions by satellite + 8K in China. During the live broadcast, China Satcom mainly provided China Satellite 6C satellite resources and uplink system, and formulated a detailed implementation scheme of earth earth earth integrated satellite transmission. Satellite + 8K live broadcasting is also a pioneering attempt in the world.

Li Xin said that China Satcom will give full play to the characteristics of operators, innovate in the service field, give full play to its technical capacity, equipment capacity and resource capacity, implement the construction and development idea of “12361”, and actively promote the development of China’s Aerospace Satellite Communication industry.

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