Entering 2021, the global 5g construction is still in full swing. According to his prediction, 5g will increase global GDP by US $350 billion and create 22 million new jobs from 2020 to 2035; By 2035, the global 5g market will total US $12.3 trillion.

With the bright prospect of 5g industry, telecom equipment manufacturers in various countries strive to occupy the highest point of the market. At present, the global 5g equipment market has formed a tripartite situation of Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia. So let’s take a look at the three 5g equipment manufacturers. Who is the strongest? Get the most orders?

Global 5g order competition: 118 Ericsson, 101 Nokia!

First of all, let’s take a look at the “fruits” of Ericsson, a century old store. In August 2020, borje ekholm, President and CEO of Ericsson, announced that the company had ushered in a milestone: the 100th 5g commercial contract was officially signed. Then in November, Ericsson revealed that the number of 5g contracts of the company increased to 106.

In December last year, Zhao Juntao, President of Ericsson China, released the latest data again. At present, Ericsson has signed more than 118 5g contracts with global communication operators, of which 75 have been commercially available. From this figure, we can see that Ericsson, a century old store, has begun to show signs of recovery.

Statistics show that Ericsson was founded in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, in 1876. It is a traditional giant in the field of communication. In 1990, Ericsson also had a 40% share of the global 2G market and was the industry leader at that time. In the following ten years, Ericsson maintained an average annual growth rate of more than 35%, continued to lead the whole communication industry, and even expanded its business to smart devices, mobile phone chips and other fields.

Global 5g order competition: 118 Ericsson, 101 Nokia, Huawei?

However, the new business dragged Ericsson down, causing it to fall into a financial quagmire for a time. In 2011, Ericsson sold 50% of its shares in its mobile phone business to Sony and re focused on the development and sales of communication equipment. However, Ericsson has been “tepid” in recent years. It was not until the United States took the lead in interfering with the normal business transactions of Chinese enterprises that Ericsson “stood out”.

Secondly, Nokia, which once dominated the world and went to decline. On October 29, 2020, Nokia announced to the outside world that the number of commercial 5g orders obtained by the company worldwide reached 101. Since then, it has become a telecom giant with more than 100 new 5g orders.

This telecommunications equipment manufacturer from Finland once stood out from the crowd and dominated the world due to its large number of communication technology patents from the 2G era to the 4G era. Even Apple needs to pay huge royalties to Nokia every year.

However, in the 5g era, Nokia’s competitiveness has been greatly reduced, and 5000 employees have been laid off in 2019 due to heavy cost pressure. However, after Chinese enterprises encountered unfair competition, the “lying win” Nokia’s 5g orders worldwide increased rapidly.

What about Huawei? The share of global 5g equipment manufacturers ranked “three lianba”

What about Huawei, which has been far ahead in the global 5g equipment market? How many 5g orders have you won?

After the unreasonable measures taken by the United States, Huawei will not update the number of 5g commercial contracts it has won in the world since February 2020. Of the 91 5g commercial contracts finally disclosed, 47 were from Europe, accounting for more than half, and 17 were from Asia.

In fact, no matter how small the United States is, many countries still choose to cooperate with Huawei. For example, in August 2020, Russia stated that it would not follow and fear the United States and would carry out 5g cooperation with China and Huawei. At the same time, the three major domestic operators also delivered orders to Huawei.

The industry estimated earlier that the number of Huawei 5g contracts has exceeded 100, not just 91. After all, it’s OK to “shoot a bird with a gun”.

Moreover, the number of 5g orders is only one of the indicators to measure the 5g performance of major telecom manufacturers. In terms of 5g market share, 5g patents and 5g applications, China still ranks first in the world. According to the data of Korean statistics agency, from the first quarter to the third quarter of 2020, Huawei’s share in the global 5g equipment market was 35.7%, 43.7% and 32.8% respectively, ranking first for three consecutive quarters. Followed by Ericsson and Nokia.

Another German Patent Information Analysis Agency, iplytics, issued a report that as of October 2020, Huawei had applied for 6372 5g patents, which is the company with the most patents in the world, 1800 more than Qualcomm, the second.

As the Chinese side said, the achievements and leading advantages of relevant Chinese enterprises in the 5g field are obvious to all. The United States should realize that bullying can neither stop the development of China’s high-tech enterprises nor maintain their monopoly position.

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