According to foreign media information, on November 26, 2018 local time, at the annual meeting of the North American Society of Radiology (RSNA) in Chicago, General Electric (GE) medical group is demonstrating its new Edison artificial intelligence platform. Its new application is designed to help hospitals and health systems make better use of artificial intelligence.

Ge claims that Edison platform is a way to help hospitals get more value from its technology. Various clinical applications of Edison platform can be deployed in medical equipment and cloud. These clinical applications are developed by Edison’s industry-leading partners.

“Edison provides clinicians with an integrated digital platform that combines data sets from suppliers, healthcare networks, etc. across models.” Kieran Murphy, CEO of GE Healthcare, said in a statement, “Edison’s application includes the latest data processing technology, enabling clinicians to make faster and wiser decisions to improve the treatment effect of patients.”

Applications launched by Edison this week include: airx (awaiting FDA approval for listing), a tool supporting automated workflow for MRI brain scanning. Its AI can provide automated slice prescription to help reduce previously redundant manual steps; The intensive care kit (also awaiting FDA approval) is designed to help doctors identify cases with pneumothorax crisis in order to prioritize image review; CT intelligent subscription, continuous access and updating of CT software, and prolonging the life cycle of equipment; The automatic segmentation system of lesion area in medical image improves the productivity through automation, which helps to eliminate the need for users to measure lesions manually.

By 2021, Ge expects the healthcare AI market to exceed $6.5 billion, and the cited data show that 39% of healthcare decision makers plan to invest in machine learning and imaging prediction analysis and other clinical applications.

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic in RSNA. Other technology announcements recently released include nuance’s powerscribe one reporting platform and McCormick Place’s platform containing a large number of artificial intelligence education courses.

Ge points out that 90% of healthcare data comes from imaging, but only 3% of the data is analyzed or put into use. Through the Edison platform, the company aims to help improve the statistical method of these data. “This is not a flashy gadget or artificial intelligence that is bold, crazy and unlikely to be realized.” “Edison has pioneering but practical technology that can improve today’s work equipment and processes and target the biggest pain points in the system,” Keith Bigelow, senior vice president of Edison strategic investment at GE Healthcare, said in a statement

“There are many hidden meanings in depth data, but it is very complicated to extract the value of data.” Dr. Rachael callcut, associate professor of surgery at the University of California, San Francisco (who is the director of data science at the digital health innovation center and helped Ge develop the platform’s intensive care suite), added, “Ai gives us the opportunity to see patterns we can’t see, change our care patterns for patients, and ultimately improve medical outcomes.”

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