Ge is focusing on the development of miniled and micro LED display market. Its technological breakthrough in narrow band red phosphor (pfs-ksf) and green phosphor will promote the faster integration of these materials into new display applications such as mini / micro led.

GE's breakthrough in pfs-ksf and green fluorescent technology is conducive to the promotion of new display applications

Recently, GE announced that it has deposited its red phosphor material on the plastic substrate through the ink-jet printing process, which can be used in the future Mini / micro LED display.

Ge points out that nearly 40 billion LEDs containing pfs-ksf have been used in commercial displays so far. In addition to the red phosphor, Ge is also testing a new green phosphor. Combined with the red phosphor, it can reach the level of 88% of rec. 2020 standard.

Ge said that technological breakthroughs in the field of narrow band phosphors will help promote the “Color Revolution” of mini / micro LED displays.

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