On the evening of July 17, after eight days of intense and orderly flight control by the flight control test team, the Asia Pacific 6D communication satellite launched by China was successfully fixed at the on orbit test orbit of 134.5 ° east longitude in geostationary orbit, laying a solid foundation for subsequent satellite delivery and operation.

Asia Pacific 6D communication satellite is a geostationary orbit high-throughput broadband communication satellite, which is developed by China Academy of space technology under China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. The satellite is developed by Dongfanghong 4 enhanced satellite platform (dfh-4e platform), with a design life of 15 years. During in orbit operation, the Asia Pacific 6D communication satellite mainly provides all-weather and all-weather satellite broadband communication services for users in the Asia Pacific region to meet the requirements of its maritime communication, airborne communication, land vehicle communication, fixed satellite broadband Internet access and other applications.

In the process of five satellite orbit changes and three fixed-point acquisition, the flight control test team comprehensively checked the status of each subsystem, checked the contents of the annotated instructions, strictly completed the parameter monitoring during orbit change and the status confirmation after orbit change, and successfully completed the secondary deployment of solar wing, antenna deployment, satellite attitude adjustment, electric propulsion preprocessing, transponder startup and other test actions.

After the Asia Pacific 6D communication satellite was successfully fixed, the long space journey began immediately. China Academy of space technology said that in the follow-up on orbit testing and user training, model developers will continue to complete all work with high standards and quality to ensure the stable operation of Asia Pacific 6D communication satellite in orbit.

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