On February 8, according to foreign media reports, Terrafugia, a flying car manufacturer, will officially produce transition this year, which will also be the world’s first mass-produced flying car. Its delivery time will be at the end of 2019 at the latest. Of course, it does not rule out the possibility of advance.

Before that, the world’s first mass-produced flying car transision accepted the user’s reservation in the United States, and the first batch of orders were sold out. Since the specific price of the car has not been finalized officially, the user who booked just paid the reservation money, and will make up the remaining car money when collecting the car. It is said that the price of the flying car transision is more than 2 million yuan.

Terrafugia, a flying car manufacturer, has said that transition will be launched in the Chinese market, but there is no exact time when it will be launched. According to their propulsion speed, 2023 will bring flying cars that can lift vertically. After all, after being wholly acquired by Geely (Geely Holding Group completed the acquisition of Terrafugia, an American technology enterprise in August 2017), it will not worry too much about capital, but also share some mature cash technology.

Transition is essentially a two seater car, but it has wings on both sides of the body and propeller drive. When driving on land (the fastest speed can reach 113 km / h), the wing is retracted. At this time, the length of the car is 6.02 meters, the width is 2.3 meters, and the height is 1.98 meters (the width after wing expansion is 8 meters). Except for its length, the width and height are no different from ordinary SUV.

If the transition enters the flight mode, the wings on both sides of the fuselage will be opened (there is a spare parachute on the vehicle), and the wing span will reach 8 meters (driving and flight mode, each conversion process is 40 seconds). After starting at full speed, the car can take off after 518 meters of taxiing. Its maximum speed in the air is 184km / h, cruise speed is 160km / h, maximum flight altitude is 3048m, endurance mileage is close to 640km, and it consumes about 19L aviation gasoline per hour. At the same time, the technology of lithium iron phosphate battery and electric drive used in transition is provided by the parent company Geely.

Before booking, the flying car transition passed the safety tests of the U.S. aviation administration and the Department of defense. However, due to its particularity, when you spread the wings and start flying, the car will become an aircraft (with electronic aviation information system and parachute system). At this time, this scene belongs to the category of general aviation, so you need an aviation driver’s license to drive it.

Because the United States developed early in the general aviation industry, the relevant laws and regulations are more perfect and the implementation is more experienced, the aviation management department is also relatively tolerant towards flying cars, which is also the main reason why transition can be listed first in the United States.

In addition, compared with domestic users, in some remote areas of the United States, the main means of transportation for people to travel is small aircraft, so these small towns have planes at home and runways when they go out, which is also the market targeted by transition. Therefore, it is really necessary to think about how Terrafugia should position transition in the subsequent entry into the Chinese market.

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