On January 6, 2022, Infineon ecosystem conference with the theme of “low carbon interconnection, gathering potential and win-win” was held in Shenzhen. As the “opening work” of 2022, this is the first cross industry ecological conference in the history of Infineon Greater China, covering the three fields of interconnection of all things, future travel and low-carbon energy conservation, which comprehensively shows the in-depth layout and accumulation of Infineon ecology in the above fields. More than 1000 guests and visitors from the upstream and downstream of the semiconductor industry chain and various industry applications gathered together to go to this ideological feast and draw a “future picture” for the industry.

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As Infineon’s “preferred partner”, hongruan technology was invited to attend. Meanwhile, Alex, vice president of hongruan technology products, delivered a keynote speech on “3D technology leads Smart Life” during the conference, sharing the practical experience of realizing technology upgrading and value creation in the fields of 3D TOF enabled smart phones, smart cars and IOT.

Turning to the present, the integrated development of 5g and the Internet of things promotes the increasing demand for three-dimensional perception of various intelligent devices. TOF has become the mainstream 3D sensing scheme with its cost advantage and excellent real-time sensing ability. Especially in the field of smart phones, the maturity and application of 3D TOF technology can be regarded as one of the most noteworthy trends in the innovation and transformation of smart phones.

Traditional pdafarcsoft ™ ToF Auto Focus

As the core algorithm supplier of the global smartphone imaging industry, hongruan has always played an innovative leader and has always been at the forefront of the industry in the field of 3D TOF technology. For example, in the focusing of TOF, Hongrou developed ArcSoft based on Infineon TOF image sensor ™ TOF auto focus scheme comprehensively upgrades the traditional focusing mode. The performance of this scheme in dark light focusing and moving focusing speed is much higher than the traditional phase detection auto focus (PDAF), which greatly improves the shooting experience.

In terms of the most commonly used portrait effect shooting of TOF, ArcSoft brought by hongruan this time ™ TOF + RGB night bokeh solution solves many problems in the past, such as it is difficult to produce background virtualization effect in low light / dark light scenes, or the virtualization effect is unnatural. By fusing TOF information with RGB information, high-quality depth information can be obtained in low light, helping to obtain more natural and real background virtualization effect in low light scenes.

Talking about the application of 3D TOF in smart phones, Alex also introduced more scenes including 3D modeling and AR / VR. Compared with the traditional RGB modeling, which only has image information, the modeling speed is slow. Compared with the single camera modeling scheme, the reconstruction effect of complex shape objects with simple or pure color texture is poor, and the advantage of TOF in 3D modeling is also very prominent. Based on the advantages of TOF, hongruan has developed ArcSoft ™ TOF 3D modeling can carry out 3D modeling of 3D people or objects on the mobile platform with high performance and best modeling quality, and accurately, truly and quickly restore the shape and texture of the scanning target.

In addition, the one-stop solution for the new smartphone off screen TOF camera jointly created by hongruan, Infineon and paiander also appeared at the conference. This scheme not only places the TOF lens under the mobile phone screen, but also retains the ultimate comprehensive screen beauty. At the same time, it can also provide accurate and reliable infrared images and 3D data for applications requiring high security, such as face recognition and mobile payment.

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Image: ArcSoft ™ ToF 3D Face ID

“With the development of the trend of comprehensive screen of mobile phones, the screen with high PPI and low transmittance causes the image quality to deteriorate. The recognition efficiency and anti attack ability of the traditional face ID scheme when used off the screen have decreased, which can not ensure the security of payment level.” Alex said, “combined with Infineon’s excellent hardware optimization capability and ArcSoft’s powerful algorithm technology, ArcSoft ™ TOF 3D face ID greatly reduces the influence of moire and noise brought by the screen in imaging, and the adaptability of the algorithm is greatly improved. And with the advantage of TOF, it can successfully defend against attacks from various papers, displays and 3D masks from different angles, with high security. “

At the same time, with the help of TOF hardware and advanced software algorithms, hongsoft will use ArcSoft ™ The application of TOF 3D face ID is extended to the automotive field. By providing detection depth information, face recognition and anti-counterfeiting can be carried out to provide security for vehicle login or door unlocking.

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Moreover, hongruan also launched a more intelligent cockpit vision system through 3D TOF, which greatly improved the safety and comfort of the car and the in-depth interactive experience of drivers and passengers. For example, ArcSoft ™ TOF DMS can effectively assist DMS to detect the driver’s head posture and position coordinate information, and greatly improve the accuracy of driver distraction / dangerous behavior detection. ArcSoft ™ TOF OMS can make more accurate judgment on the position of passengers, so that in case of an accident, the posture of passengers’ head and body can be calculated, and the corresponding angle and strength can be controlled when the airbag is ejected, so as to achieve more effective protection, etc.

Similarly, TOF is more useful in AR and VR because of its robustness, high accuracy and high performance in low light. TOF plays three levels of synergy in Ar / VR. First, TOF can quickly and accurately detect depth information without too much calculation and power consumption, which is equivalent to relay and directly transfer depth information to the next link; Second, the relevant information of TOF can be deeply fused with other sensors to achieve better 3D imaging effect; Third, TOF plays a complementary role with other sensors, such as RGB cameras.

In view of these advantages, hongruan applies TOF to AR / VR. In addition to using TOF for AR measurement and AR games on mobile devices, it also applies relevant technologies to AR and VR glasses, such as ArcSoft ™ TOF vSLAM can provide accurate plane scanning and positioning capabilities for various AR / VR applications.

In addition, in the IOT field, hongsoft has also developed ArcSoft for smart retail identification of goods ™ RGB + TOF object recognition, ArcSoft for intelligent door lock face recognition ™ TOF face ID, ArcSoft for sweeping robot ™ TOF vSLAM and other industry solutions based on the advantages of TOF characteristics.

In the future, with the continuous popularization of TOF and the maturity of system level products, Hongrou will work with ecosystem partners such as Infineon to apply more innovative intelligent products to more industries and provide customers and users with high-value visual experience in various scenarios.


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