Gaoyun releases USB peripheral bridging product line

Recently, Guangdong Gaoyun Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Gaoyun semiconductor”) launched its gobridge ASSP product line, and also released gwu2x and gwu2u USB interface bridging devices. Gwu2x ASSP can convert USB interfaces to SPI, JTAG, I2C and GPIO, while gwu2u ASSP can realize USB to UART interface conversion. Gobridge ASSP products of Gaoyun semiconductor can be widely used in consumer, automotive, industrial and communication markets to flexibly realize interface conversion and simplify system design.

Gwu2x and gwu2u ASSP adopt the most advanced semiconductor technology and are very suitable for providing interface conversion solutions for new terminal products. At the same time, under the current market situation of serious shortage of semiconductor devices, it can also effectively alleviate the impact caused by the original conversion chip EOL or shortage.

Gaoyun semiconductor launched this ASSP solution to minimize development work by providing fixed functional devices in application scenarios that do not require programmability. This reduces time to market and provides customers with additional choices in addition to ASICs and existing ASSP devices.

Shangtang technology helps Ningbo get through the intelligent service system

Recently, Bank of Ningbo Shanghai Branch has hired “Xiaoning”, a digital worker No. 001, to provide various business consulting and handling services for bank customers with a vivid customer service image. Based on its innovation, sensetime, a leading artificial intelligence software company, launched the “Ai digital human service center” for Bank of Ningbo, providing full chain service support from front-end customer reception to back-end operation management.

In bank outlets, digital human Xiaoning is a lobby customer service manager with fresh image and great affinity. He can give active greetings and automatic reception to customers who come to handle business, and provide various business consulting and question answering through professional and natural communication and interaction. At the same time, he can realize automatic guidance and intelligent diversion of customer needs. At the back end, it is connected to the bank’s operation and management platform, which can realize the continuous updating of knowledge base and business data analysis, open up the closed-loop service, and promote the intelligent management and operation of the banking system.

Li Min, general manager of Financial Technology Department of Bank of Ningbo Shanghai Branch, said, “In recent years, Bank of Ningbo Shanghai Branch has actively explored the use of intelligent technology to promote the upgrading of service mode. The application of Shangtang AI digital human service platform has introduced a new concept of scientific and technological service, optimized the service quality and efficiency of outlets, and added more humanistic care. We hope to continue to deepen cooperation with Shangtang technology and meet the growing needs of customers for the counter service experience of bank outlets through AI digital human To promote the upgrading of intelligent service system. “

The delegation led by the deputy head of Xilin Gol League administration visited Xinhua III

Recently, huchengdong, deputy head of Xilin Gol League administration of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and his delegation visited the Hangzhou headquarters of Xinhua Group 3 under Ziguang Co., Ltd., accompanied by Zhang Peng, vice president and chief digital officer of Xinhua Group 3. The two sides had in-depth discussions and exchanges on how to enable smart city construction with digital technology and promote the development of Xilin Gol League’s digital economy.

Huchengdong and his delegation first inspected Hangzhou urban brain operation command center. By building the riverside platform of Hangzhou City brain, Xinhua III assisted the high tech Zone (Riverside) to form a digital governance pattern of “horizontal integration of district level system platforms and vertical integration of characteristic applications”. Among them, the digital cockpit can help urban administrators to perceive the development of economy, government, culture, society and ecology in their jurisdiction in real time, while the data and technology of the urban brain riverside platform can play a good supporting role in the construction of multi sectoral application scenarios, and further improve the ability of urban governance.

Huchengdong said that the strength of Xinhua Group III in the field of digital transformation and smart city construction is obvious to all. At the end of 2021, the Hohhot urban brain 2.0 created by Xinhua III was officially launched, further promoting the refinement and digitalization of Hohhot urban governance, and creating a benchmark model for the construction of smart cities in grassland cities. It is hoped that in the future, in the smart city construction of Xilin Gol League, Xinhua III can give full play to its own technical advantages, rely on its own rich practice and outstanding achievements, provide more customized solutions for the development of Xilin Gol League, and promote the smart Xilin League to a new level.

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