Galileo digital recently announced the launch of smart storage, a 100TB network storage solution, which costs $495 per month for four years (the purchase price is $19995), including remote access and search software from axis AI, Inc.

Introduction of xstor sorage system

The solution is composed of 2U storage server with enterprise hardware components, which has high value. The cost of the solution integrated with media management software is usually more than $50000. Due to the limitations of covid-19, which requires working from home, travel and face-to-face collaboration become difficult, and remote access and search are increasingly needed.

Although xstor systems is designed to provide performance and reliability at a reasonable price, it is a hard disk based storage system that has been hard tested and optimized to work with lasergraphics film scanners. It is not easy to meet the large storage requirements of high resolution and fast scanners. Film scanner needs huge capacity, high data writing speed, unlimited scalability and low TCO.

The solution includes a 5-user version of axis AI 2020, the company’s “very simple” remote access and search software. Axis AI 2020 has a browser front end that allows users to remotely access and tag, classify and search their media files, and a range of AI driven options to automatically discover specific visual and audio attributes in these files. The system can store terabytes of video files in one day’s scanning process or one shot by the video team. The system allows fast search and management of these media files, thus saving a lot of time and energy.

Steve klenk, chief executive of Galileo digital, said: “we see a growing demand for the xstor family of networked storage arrays, which combines mass storage density with high throughput. At this price, integrating axis AI’s simple remote access software with 100 TB of enterprise class storage is really a breakthrough product. “

Xstor smart storage can be purchased from Galileo digital and its global distributors for $19995. The integrated leasing solution enables customers to purchase the system for $495 per month for four years and $1 at the end of the lease term. The system includes 100TB enterprise disk based storage, 10Gb / s and 1GB / s network interfaces, and 2020 axis driver AI 2020 remote management and search application. Optional software modules – including AI driven voice transcription, face recognition and object recognition – cost less than $2 an hour, starting with the shots being analyzed.

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