Galen Electronics (Stock Code: announced that its high-performance parallel spice simulator, nanospice, helped the IC laboratory jointly established by Japan Youming Institute of technology and jedat (Stock Code: 3841.tyo) to research and develop programs to support efficient analog circuit design and learning, which is another important exploration to actively deepen the cooperation mode between industry, University and research.

The IC laboratory relies on the EDA design process for high-precision analog circuit design, which is integrated by nanospice simulator and EDA tools of jedat, to study how to cultivate electronic engineers with both circuit design ability and EDA tool expansion ability (programming).

Nanosice is a new generation of high-precision, high-performance parallel spice simulator released by Galen electronics, which meets the rigorous simulation requirements of high-end circuits such as high-precision, large capacity and high performance. Nanospice’s excellent parallel technology can simultaneously process general circuit simulation of more than 50million circuit elements.

Nanospice and jedat’s EDA tools are seamlessly integrated to provide a complete analog circuit design process. While accelerating the research and development of analog circuits in IC laboratories, it will help to cultivate analog circuit engineers who meet industry requirements.

Original title: deepen the cooperation between industry, University and research, and Guilun electronics and jedat support the design and development of high-efficiency analog circuits in Ariake Universities

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