It was learned from Fuyang Poverty Alleviation Office that 208 village level photovoltaic stations were newly built in the city this year, with an investment of 747 million yuan. It is expected that all grid connected power generation will be completed by the end of September.

Fuyang city invested 747 million yuan to build 208 village level photovoltaic stations, and completed grid connected power generation at the end of September

It is understood that from 2015 to 2017, the city has built grid connected photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects with a scale and capacity of 375.4764 MW, including 860 village power stations and 72899 household power stations, with a cumulative investment of 2.716 billion yuan. By the end of July this year, the city’s grid connected photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects had generated 444 million kwh, and a total of 290 million yuan had been settled and allocated for online electricity.

In addition, Fuyang plans to build photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects within this year, with a scale and capacity of 109.916 MW, including 40.916 MW in Funan County, 39 MW in Yingshang County and 30 MW in Yingdong district. By the end of July, all planned photovoltaic stations had been fully started, 50 stations had been completed, 10 stations were connected to the grid for power generation, and the website points had driven 2875 poor households.

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