Help customers improve performance by 20%, reduce power consumption by 15% and reduce area by 5%


The streaming range covers 40 nm to 3 nm designs in 5g mobile, high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, super large-scale data center and other market segments.

Many leading semiconductor companies take advantage of the close production deployment of Xinsi technology fusion compiler to further realize the competitive advantage of the industry.

Mountain view, California, December 3, 2021 / AP / — Synopsys, Inc., NASDAQ: SNPs) today announced that since 2019, fusion compiler ™ Since the official release of RTL to GDSII solution, customers using this solution have realized more than 500 times of film streaming. As a result, Xinsi technology has further expanded its leading edge in the field of digital design. Many leading semiconductor companies from high growth vertical fields such as high performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI) and 5g mobile use fusion compiler to successfully stream chips under 40 nm to 3 nm process nodes.

How to achieve strict performance, power consumption and area (PPA) goals in urgent time and advanced process nodes is a severe challenge for many developers at this stage. With its unified architecture and optimization engine, Xinsi technology fusion compiler can help developers achieve accurate PPA indicators at the signing level, and greatly reduce design iterations and late accidents. It is estimated that, compared with other solutions in the industry, the fusion compiler solution can help customers improve performance by 20%, reduce power consumption by 15% and reduce area by 5%.

Ilyong Kim, vice president of LSI business design technology team of Samsung electronic systems, said: “Through the close production deployment of Xinsi technology fusion compiler solution, we have achieved excellent result quality, including significantly improving utilization and accelerating time to market, thus enhancing our industry leadership. Its unique single data model and unified engine, as well as built-in signature level timing analysis, parasitic parameter extraction and power consumption analysis, help us reduce design iterations, Stand out among many industry solutions. We have experienced the advantages of fusion compiler in many successful design streamers. At present, we are expanding our deployment and plan to adopt the latest machine learning technology of Xinsi technology to further deepen our customer-centered differentiation advantage. “

Kazunari Horikawa, senior manager of design technology innovation Department of Kaixia company, said: “Kaixia company is a leading memory supplier in the semiconductor industry and is in a leading position in the production of high-performance memory controllers. Through cooperation with Xinsi technology, we have realized a complete fusion compiler design process and significantly improved the process efficiency. In addition, with the help of the test integration technology of Xinsi technology TestMax products, we can move the design method to the left and achieve the highest efficiency The new streamer will reduce the power consumption by 40% and the area by 10%, further improving our leading position in the industry. We look forward to working with Xinsi technology to further improve productivity with fusion compile solutions. “

Production proven and scalable data model to help customers obtain predictable result quality

Fusion compiler is the only RTL to GDSII product in the industry that supports single data model and gold signature standard. It adopts a highly scalable unified data model and includes the analysis technology in the industry’s gold signing tool. These functions are all encapsulated in an integrated environment, delivering unique customized processes to achieve predictable quality of results (QOR) and sign off relevance. In addition, “ubiquitous machine learning” technology further enhances the unique architecture of the product, bringing productivity and QOR to a higher level.

“Our customers continue to be under pressure to provide solutions to new markets in an urgent time. Through fusion compiler, they can accelerate the introduction of their products to the market and provide differentiated PPA,” said Sanjay Bali, vice president of marketing and strategy, digital realization division of Xinsi technology “Our customers have realized more than 500 streamers with the help of fusion compiler, which once again proves that the market needs a vertically integrated RTL to GDSII solution to achieve the ideal PPA goal.”

Fusion compiler is the fusion design platform of Xinsi technology ™ As the industry’s first integrator of AI enhanced cloud design solutions, fusion design platform redefines the boundaries of traditional EDA tools such as logic synthesis, layout and routing, sign off verification and so on. It uses machine learning to accelerate computing intensive analysis, improves decision-making by predicting results, and uses learning from past experience to achieve better results.

At the recent Synopsys Digital Design Technology Symposium, AMD, arm, MediaTek and other customers introduced their design experience of using fusion compiler and fusion design platform in detail. The event is now available online.

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