According to foreign media vrfocus, fundamentalvr, a British medical education platform, launched its VR medical training platform in 2018. The platform combines tactile technology with visual effects to help surgeons improve the level of spinal pedicle screws and total knee replacement. Recently, fundamentalvr announced that the platform has added ophthalmic surgery training programs.

As we all know, the Institute of Ophthalmology studies the diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmic diseases. After the addition of ophthalmic training programs, fundamentalvr can now provide immersive and data-driven medical education simulation, further reducing the teaching cost of the discipline. In the traditional field, to complete the training of Ophthalmology medicine, it is often achieved through a series of time-consuming and laborious training, such as classroom lectures, teaching videos, medical conferences, operating room observation and organization based wet laboratory training.

In addition, the fundamentalvr medical education platform adopts haptx technology to make students feel as if they are in the operating room in reality, and obtain sub millimeter realistic tactile feedback while conducting VR simulation surgery.

Fundamentalvr has also created customized solutions for many companies, such as the cataract surgery simulator of orbisinternational. The organization aims to improve the level of ophthalmic medical teams in low – and middle-income countries through VR medical training, so as to reduce the blindness rate of ophthalmic patients in these countries.

Richardvincent, co-founder and CEO of fundamentalvr, said: “The global novel coronavirus epidemic has changed the traditional medical training methods. The adoption curve of immersive technology has been accelerated by industry analysts for about three years. By adding ophthalmic training programs, we will meet the growing demand for medical training through VR technology, and enable medical device companies and medical educators to more effectively train surgeons, so as to accelerate the market of innovative medical applications and equipment.”

Fundamentalvr is now compatible with oculusquest and htcvivefocusplus headsets, and supports users’ remote connection experience.

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