The rapid development of information technology is inseparable from the increasingly mature and perfect network structure, and the perfect network structure is inseparable from the establishment of electronic computer system. More than 80% of the electronic computer system is composed of integrated circuits, electronic components and circuits. If the cleanliness of the network room is poor, the service life of the equipment will be reduced; The fluctuation of temperature and humidity, the accumulation of dust and the accumulation and release of static electricity in the network computer room will have a great impact on the operation of the computer. This effect is more reflected in hidden faults, that is, it is not easy to be detected within a certain time range.

Due to the problems of knowledge and time of the personnel on duty, it is impossible to find problems in time simply by relying on the regular patrol inspection of the personnel on duty. Once the equipment in the network room fails, it will affect the operation of the computer system and pose a threat to the data transmission, storage and system operation, so there are great potential safety hazards.

The operating environment of computer equipment includes temperature and humidity control, cleanliness, anti-interference ability, anti-static hazards, etc. through relevant science and technology and auxiliary equipment, the computer room can be monitored in real time, so as to create an excellent operating environment of network computer room, so that hidden dangers can be found and problems can be solved in time when few people or no one is on duty, It is very necessary to establish a stable and reliable monitoring system.

What is the environment monitoring system of network computer room:


In the network computer room monitoring system, the monitoring system includes temperature and humidity, smoke, air conditioning, water leakage, infrared, mains power supply, etc., and realizes the functions of centralized monitoring, remote control, real-time data query, fault alarm, etc.

Functions of network machine room monitoring system:

1. Remote monitoring: the computer room environment monitoring host is a multi-functional monitoring host that can be monitored in real time for 24 hours. It can find faults in time and reduce the number of personnel on duty in the computer room; Front Chinese display screen, without opening the cabinet door, directly use the remote control to set parameters; The equipment can adopt a variety of alarm modes, providing perfect alarm modes, such as SMS and audible and visual alarm; The metal shell has strong dust-proof, anti-static and anti-interference ability; 1U size can be adopted, with small occupied space and convenient and rapid installation.

2. Temperature and humidity monitoring: 86 shell temperature and humidity transmitter has liquid crystal display, which can display the temperature and humidity value in real time; The measurement unit is adopted for accurate measurement; Field self calibration, good long-term stability and small drift; The shell is 86 type, wall mounted, simple and convenient.

3. Water leakage monitoring: the rail case water immersion transmitter adopts alternating current to collect the inductance parameters of ponding, so as to accurately distinguish whether water immersion occurs, and even distinguish between purified water and tap water (tap water is taken as the detection object by default, please specify if you want to detect purified water); With alternating current detection, even if the electrode is immersed for a long time, it will not produce electrophoretic polarization. It does not rely on special electrodes, so as to achieve long service life and reliable detection

4. Fire control monitoring: smoke alarm can detect 360 in all directions. Photoelectric smoke sensing devices are used to detect the smoke generated during fire in time, with stable operation and automatic temperature compensation; Built in buzzer with alarm function, which can make a strong sound after alarm; Excellent production technology and beautiful appearance; Ceiling mounted without commissioning; Patch technology is adopted to resist EMI and RFI interference.

5. Air conditioning equipment monitoring: the learning air conditioning control module is a universal air conditioning thermostat with MODBUS interface, with learning function, which can learn the control code of the air conditioning remote controller, so as to control the air conditioning instead of the remote controller; With 485 interface, the air conditioner can be controlled by MODBUS-RTU protocol instead of the remote controller.

6. Mains power supply: the power-off alarm is adopted, which can be compatible to detect single-phase AC220V, three-phase three-phase system and three-phase four wire AC380V, and the internal algorithm can automatically identify the external power grid; The equipment adopts rail clamping shell, which can be installed on the wall or on the standard din35mm guide rail on site.

7. Intelligent access control: the infrared detector of human body can be used for omni-directional 360 detection. When an intruder passes through the detection area, if there is dynamic movement, it will give an alarm; It adopts dual thermal infrared sensor and advanced signal analysis and processing technology, which has ultra-high detection and anti false alarm performance; With automatic temperature compensation function.

8. Abnormal alarm: the audible and visual alarm is a special temperature and humidity transmitter for GSP. It has an audible and visual alarm (screen flashing and internal buzzer calling), which is in line with the new GSP regulations; If you want the audible and visual alarm signal to be obvious, you can add this alarm.

9. Real time viewing: the cloud platform is deployed on the public network server and can access all network devices in the computer room monitoring solution; The platform supports adding sub accounts, such as 1 person in charge and 2 managers; It can be monitored remotely. Users can log in anytime and anywhere with their account number, and can access with multi-level permissions. It is convenient for the environment in the computer room and is not controlled by time and place; It has alarm function. The alarm methods include SMS alarm, email alarm, audible and visual alarm, etc. in case of any situation, it will send alarm information to the management personnel at the first time, so as to take solutions in time and avoid losses; The platform can also query real-time data and historical data, make data statistics, download and print, etc;

The environment monitoring of the network computer room can view the equipment operation and the situation in the computer room anytime and anywhere through the network, which is also convenient for the centralized management of the equipment. It is networked and intelligent, which reduces the management cost, reduces the burden of maintenance personnel, improves the work efficiency, and can also send preventive alarms in time to inform relevant management personnel to take measures to prevent accidents, It has high reliability and stability.

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