Functional features of computer room monitoring

1. Real time display of the working status and operating parameters of the monitored field monitoring equipment;

2. It can remotely turn on / off the monitored equipment on the monitoring site, and remotely adjust the configuration parameters of the monitoring equipment online;

3. According to the rules of alarm confirmation, shielding and printing, each alarm can be prompted by sound and light, and the alarm can be processed automatically;

4. The alarm condition, alarm level and whether the alarm is shielded can be set and modified online by the system administrator according to the site conditions;

5. The alarm can be automatically notified to relevant personnel according to the predetermined rules according to the alarm type, level, time, location, shielding and other factors. The notification methods can include on-site audible and visual alarm, telephone, mobile phone short message or e-mail;

6. Count and query the historical data, alarm records, operation records, etc. of the equipment, and print the report;

7. Provide multi-level management authority to ensure system security;

8. It has perfect and convenient maintenance, query and statistics functions;

9. Automatically complete the data saving and recovery in case of network abnormality;

10. Duty management: automatic shift scheduling, shift handover log, duty statistics and event query;

11. The system can support the processing of equipment fault alarm and provide standard processes for various equipment fault processing;

12. It can manage the information related to the monitored equipment and provide all-round information services for power operation and maintenance personnel.

Principle of computer room monitoring composition

1. Power equipment monitoring

Power system monitoring includes all power supply equipment in the machine room, such as high-voltage distribution, low-voltage distribution, diesel generator set, distribution cabinet, UPS, DC power supply system, battery, etc.

2. Air conditioning equipment monitoring

(1) The special precision air conditioner in the machine room is an intelligent equipment. As long as it has an intelligent interface, it can comprehensively monitor the operating parameters of the air conditioner. According to the communication protocol and remote monitoring board provided by the precision air conditioner supplier, real-time monitor the return air temperature, return air humidity, chilled water inlet and outlet temperature, flow, cooling water inlet and outlet temperature, chiller, chilled water pump, cooling water pump working current and other parameters of the precision air conditioner; The monitoring working status includes compressor status, fan status, heater status, dehumidifier status (water-cooled air conditioner can also monitor the liquid level status of make-up pool of cooling water tower, fan status of cooling water tower, cooling water valve status, etc.); Display and record various parameter change curves, and record and process various alarm states in real time. Control the start and stop of the air conditioner and adjust the temperature and humidity. Various parameters of the air conditioner can be set directly through the system.

(2) Ordinary air conditioner: by refitting the air conditioner circuit or using the air conditioner infrared controller, process the mains power status, fan status, compressor status and alarm information, and control the start and stop of the air conditioner according to the temperature change.

3. Temperature and humidity monitoring

By collecting the temperature and humidity data monitored by the temperature and humidity sensor, the computer room monitoring system records and displays the temperature and humidity data and change curve of each area of the computer room in real time with an intuitive picture, as well as the processing of cross-border alarm information.

4. Image and video monitoring

The image monitoring system adopts the concept of video configuration to insert the images of each channel into a certain interface in the form of control configuration. For large-scale monitoring system, it is very convenient to centrally manage the data and image interface of each site in the form of electronic map. Due to the combination of the computer room monitoring system and closed-circuit monitoring, the linkage control between the power environment and the image can be realized at will. Once an abnormal event occurs, the computer room monitoring system will automatically pop up the on-site image screen, record the video in real time, and give alarm prompt and processing.

5. Water leakage monitoring system

The water leakage detection of the machine room is to monitor the places where there may be water leakage in the air conditioner or windows of the machine room. It monitors the water leakage on any water leakage probe by collecting the alarm signal of the leakage detection host. Once an alarm occurs, the machine room immediately cuts off the water supply magnetic valve of the water supply branch pipe and the water supply main pipe, completely closes the waterway and stops the continuous water leakage, It can locate and detect the specific water leakage system, send the alarm information to relevant managers through the SMS platform, and there is an audible and visual alarm on site.

6. Intelligent access control management

It is composed of access controller, access card, card reader, electric control lock, network extender, access management software, management computer, etc. the computer room monitoring system realizes access control, access information login, security, anti-theft and alarm of the computer room, and provides networking functions in various forms (RS485, wireless modem, dialing, TCP / IP, SMS, SP).

7. Fire protection system monitoring

The fire alarm status is monitored in real time by collecting the alarm signals of fire controller or smoke detector and temperature detector. In case of fire alarm, the alarm information is displayed on an intuitive screen and an alarm notice is made. Control measures are taken, such as opening the door, opening the wind equipment and starting and stopping other relevant equipment.

8. Lightning protection system

Monitor the working status of power lightning arrester, and record and alarm the lightning arrester damaged by lightning or surge in real time.

9. Network equipment monitoring

Establish communication links with routers, servers, minicomputers, etc. through the network, and directly obtain various information from these network devices. The communication process adopts the internationally common simple network management protocol (SNMP), which can monitor the working status of servers, routers, workstations and other network devices in the computer room without adding any applications to the network devices; Record the start and stop time of network equipment and network traffic time curve; Statistics of communication busy degree and communication reliability; For serious events such as server illegal shutdown, communication congestion or communication paralysis, give alarm information immediately, and pop up the corresponding screen and processing suggestions of the network equipment, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of the network system.

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