Awg5200 can meet demanding signal generation requirements, has high signal fidelity, supports multiple synchronization, can be extended to up to 32 and more channels, and has high cost performance. It is an ideal choice for advanced research, electronic testing, radar and EW system design and testing.

1、 Lower noise, clearer signal.

The awg5200 arbitrary waveform generator provides the industry’s best combination of sampling rate and vertical resolution at a very low price. 10GS / s and 16 bit performance can directly generate real environment signals up to 6GHz.


16 bit DAC resolution

10GS / s sampling rate

Ultra low noise floor

Scalable, flexible and economical arbitrary waveform generator

Functional characteristics and performance analysis of awg5200 arbitrary waveform generator

2、 Scalable, flexible and economical arbitrary waveform generator

It can be expanded efficiently without any setting. Each device has up to 8 channels, and each channel supports multiple synchronization at a more economical cost. The fully integrated platform can load waveforms faster and achieve more realistic RF performance.


Up to 8 analog channels, 32 digital channels and 4 markers are used at the same time

Up to 8 independent channels, multi device synchronization

Ultra low noise floor

Intelligent and cheap, the basic price per channel is low

3、 You can create waveforms inside and outside the AWG

The awg5200 is equipped with sourcexpress user interface as standard and can run on AWG and PC. It is combined with a variety of built-in software plug-ins to facilitate switching between different plug-ins. These plug-ins simplify the process of generating complex RF environment signals and modulated radar pulses, and help you complete your design quickly.


Radar, RF, OFDM, complex environment plug-ins

Generate AWG waveform from PC

Waveform can be created even when AWG is not connected

Remote control AWG

4、 Simplify test setup

The awg5200 arbitrary waveform generator is designed to simplify your test setup. First, it is a ready to use solution that simplifies or replaces your current complex signal generation settings. It is downwardly compatible with other Tektronix signal generators, so you don’t have to relearn the setup process. Finally, it supports automated testing through MATLAB scripts, simplifying end-to-end setup.


AWG backward compatibility

Creating waveforms using MATLAB commands

Digital up conversion, clear, wide range, output power, providing functions similar to VSG

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