Lp2950-n and lp2951-n are microvoltage regulators with very low quiescent current (75 μ a typical) and very low differential voltage (40 mV in light load and 380 MV in 100 Ma typical). They are ideal for use in battery powered systems. In addition, the quiescent current of the device increases only slightly in the voltage drop, which extends the battery life.

Lp2950-n / lp2951-n is carefully designed to minimize all donations to the error budget. This includes a tight initial capacitance (0.5% typ.), extremely good load and line adjustment (0.05% typ.), and a very low temperature coefficient of the output voltage, making it a useful part of the low power voltage reference.One such feature is an error flag output that warns of low output voltage, often due to a drop in input to the battery. It can be used for power on reset. The second feature is the logic compatible turn off input, which allows the regulator to switch on and off. In addition, parts can be pin lapped for 5-V, 3-V, or 3.3V outputs (depending on version), or programmed with external resistors from 1.24 V to 29 v.

Lp2950-n is available in a surface mount TO-252 package, which is used in the popular 3-pin TO-92 package for pin compatibility with the old 5-V regulator. The 8-pin lp2951-n is available in plastic, ceramic, dual in-line, WSON, or metal can packages, and provides additional system functionality.

Functional characteristics and functions of lp2950-n and lp2951-n micro voltage regulators


Input voltage range: 2.3V to 30V

5-V, 3-V, and 3.3-V output voltage versions are available

High precision of output voltage

Ensure 100 mA output current

Very low quiescent current

Low differential pressure

Very urgent load and line adjustments

Very low temperature coefficient

Use a voltage regulator or reference

Stability with minimum capacitance required

Current and thermal limits

Stable, low ESR output capacitor (10m Ω to 6 Ω)

Lp2951-n version only:

Error flag warning output

Logic controlled electronic shutdown

The output is programmable from 1.24 V to 29 v

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