It is comparable to the high-precision measurement of the standard source to achieve superior temperature characteristics and long-term stability. It brings high-precision and high stability measurement through fully automatic calibration of self calibration and new reference voltage source.

Functional characteristics and characteristics of dm7276 / dm7275 high precision DC voltmeter

● provide perfect guarantee through high-precision measurement

– aging test: 48 μ V accuracy measurement 4V accuracy + improve efficiency through stable measurement of 1-year accuracy

– transition characteristic monitoring: DC voltage measurement with strong anti-interference + the fastest 1ms × 5000 times high speed sampling mode

– temperature compensation function: measure the temperature at the same time + display the conversion voltage on the standard temperature

– external potential measurement of lithium battery: equivalent to the measurement accuracy of 8.5-bit DMM + the measurement reliability of electrostatic capacitive contact inspection

– contact guarantee during scanner measurement: set the input resistance to 10g Ω + prevent misjudgment through contact inspection

● rich interfaces corresponding to all directions from R & D to production line

Dm7275 and dm7276 are DC voltmeters that not only pursue measurement accuracy, but also thoroughly pursue operability and universality. It not only has a UI with a resistive touch screen with strong field adaptability, but also has a communication interface that can link with external equipment.

Product features:

● electrostatic capacitive contact inspection

● applicable to global production of free power supply (100V ~ 240V)

● exti / O, LAN, USB as standard

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