Fluke 810 vibration diagnosis analyzer / vibrometer is the vibration diagnosis expert you carry with you. It uses vibration testing method to control unplanned shutdown, prevent problems from recurring, set maintenance priorities, and manage resources. The new fluke 810 vibration diagnostic analyzer / vibrometer can help you troubleshoot and diagnose common mechanical problems and prioritize maintenance without any previous machine history.

Fluke 810 vibrometer: meet your urgent needs

Control unplanned downtime, prevent repetitive problems, prioritize maintenance, and manage your resources through vibration testing.

Fluke 810 vibration tester is an advanced fault diagnosis tool, which can meet the urgent needs of mechanical maintenance personnel. Good diagnostic technology can help you quickly identify mechanical problems and determine priorities, so that you can master the expertise of vibration analysts.

You are proud of your factory, team and work. Your technology makes the work run normally, but sometimes you don’t have enough time or resources to catch up with the work progress, let alone take the initiative to carry out mechanical maintenance. Fluke 810 vibrometer combines a powerful diagnostic engine with a simple step-by-step process. Without reference to the measurement history, you can report specific machine faults and their severity at the first measurement, so that you can take a step ahead. Overall vibration measurement and spectrum diagram enable technicians to quickly evaluate the overall operation of the machine, and enhanced reports and practical suggestions give you the confidence you need first to solve key problems.

Features and benefits

Realize on-board identification and positioning of common mechanical faults (bearings, misalignment, imbalance, looseness), so that maintenance work can focus on the root cause of faults and reduce unplanned downtime

With the overall vibration level, you can quickly evaluate the overall operation of the machine directly from the diagnostic screen

The severity scale has four severity levels to help you prioritize maintenance work

Provide correct maintenance measures and suggestions for technicians

Detailed diagnostic reports and spectrum diagrams help confirm the data quality and narrow the scope of the root cause of the fault

Onboard correlation sensitivity helps provide real-time prompts and guidance for new users

The machine has flexible speed configuration and can test a wide range of assets, including belt drives, gearboxes and bevel gears

2 GB expandable on-board memory provides enough space for storing machine data

Self checking function ensures good performance and longer working time

Laser tachometer can accurately measure the running speed of the machine, so as to improve the accuracy of diagnosis

The measurement time of triaxial accelerometer is 2/3 less than that of uniaxial accelerometer

Viewer PC software expands data storage and tracking capacity

Using fluke 810 vibrometer can:

Diagnose faulty equipment and understand the root cause of the fault

Check the equipment before and after planned maintenance and confirm the repair effect

Debug new equipment and ensure correct installation

Provide quantifiable basis for equipment status and promote investment in maintenance or replacement

Prioritize and schedule maintenance activities to work more efficiently

Predict failure before equipment failure and control spare parts inventory

Train new or inexperienced technicians and build trust and skills in the team

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