Exfofpm-600 optical power meter fpm-602fpm-602x has memory capacity and converter software for storing 1000 pieces of data, which can easily realize data management and data transmission between PC and USB. Equipped with more than 40 calibration wavelengths.

High precision, wide dynamic range, high power measurement capability (up to 26dbm)

Memory capacity of 1000 pieces of data; Data can be transferred to PC via USB connection

User configurable pass / fail threshold with LED indicator

More than 40 calibration wavelengths, providing the function of “obtaining minimum / maximum power”

Rechargeable battery

Error free and time-saving test function: automatic wavelength switching, no need to shift to zero

Very low cost of ownership: three year quality assurance and recommended calibration intervals

As a member of exfo600 handheld device series, fpm-600 power meter with wide functions is specially designed for link and system identification; The 600 series also includes fot-600 optical loss tester and fls-600 light source. Fpm-600 power meter adopts green / red LED indicator, which will give the test result of pass or fail according to the user-defined threshold, so as to realize faster and more convenient on-site operation.

With the memory capacity and reporting software that can store 1000 pieces of data, fpm-600 effectively promotes data management and enables users to transfer data to PC through USB connection. It also provides complete test reports, including link certification with pass / fail information. Users can customize the report according to their own needs.

Functional characteristics and application range of EXFO fpm-600 optical power meter

For all network types:

Fpm-600 is a very powerful tool, which is suitable for the most demanding applications such as high-speed DWDM or CWDM network authentication. The tool provides more than 40 calibration wavelengths, including all CWDM wavelengths; By interpolating between calibration points, the measurement wavelength set by the user can also be used. In addition, the “minimum / maximum power” function can be used to measure the burst power or power fluctuation of the system.

Error free and time saving test function:

When used with fls-600 light source in automatic switching mode, this power meter can automatically identify the wavelength used, and then switch to the appropriate calibration parameters. The results of all wavelengths can be stored once by pressing the button.

For FTTx:

The fpm-600 of EXFO can test PON at 1310nm, 1490nm and 1550nm, which are recommended by ITU-T (g.983.3).

Durable and versatile:

Like all of EXFO’s portable instruments, fpm-600 is designed for rugged quality and excellent versatility, and is ideal for the most demanding test conditions. It is also equipped with keyboard / LCD backlight, making it easy for users to operate in dark environment. In addition, it can be powered by rechargeable batteries.

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