The high-power RF amplifier rmpa0959 launched by Fairchild Semiconductor is designed for wireless local area loop (WLL) and CDMA. It can provide excellent linearity and efficiency, reduce the interference between mobile phones, and reduce the board space by 44%. This product has been adopted by sungil communication company in South Korea and used in its scorpiov0.3 Mobile phone board.

Rmpa0959 is a two-stage power amplifier module with a frequency range of 824-849mhz. It is used in cellular amps, CDMA and cdma2000-1x wireless applications. It has excellent linearity of adjacent channels (less than – 50dbc) and alternating channels (less than – 60dbc), providing high-quality signals for cdma2000-1xrtt voice and data communication. The package is a compact LCC pin (4.0×4.0x1.5mm) package. The RF power amplifier reduces the board area by up to 44%, and has an industry standard pin outgoing line diagram.

Functional characteristics and application of RF power amplifier module rmpa0959

The main features of rmpa0959 are:

A single positive power supply works with low power consumption and shutdown mode,

The CDMA efficiency is 38% when the average output power is 28dbm,

The efficiency of AMPS mode is 53% at 31dbm output power,

Compact LCC package (4.0×4.0x1.5mm),

Internally matched 50 ohm and RF input / output with DC barrier,

Meet the performance requirements of cdma2000-1xrtt.

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