Existing problems

1. The type and number of devices are increasing, which leads to the increase of fault nodes.

2. Lack of standardized management process leads to low work efficiency.

3. The traditional manual operation and maintenance is inefficient, which can not guarantee the stable operation of the system.

In March 2015, the Ministry of Public Security issued the instructions for operation and maintenance management module of national Ministry of public security image information networking platform. Through the national Ministry of public security image information networking platform, the operation of subordinate platforms is assessed from different dimensions, which highlights the importance of operation and maintenance platform.


The effective application of large-scale security system, “three in technology, seven in operation and maintenance.”. With the increase of the density of front-end point, back-end storage, server and other equipment, the mass of storage information, and the integration of business applications, the original operation and maintenance system has encountered major challenges. Dahua Ping An City visual operation and maintenance platform enables you to master the security system with one click even if Skynet is vertical and horizontal, so as to truly realize the goal of “building for use, using for war”.

system function

Dahua Ping An City visual operation and maintenance management platform, based on the video monitoring field of security industry, adopts intelligent analysis, fault detection, workflow engine and other technologies, integrates video quality diagnosis, video inspection, equipment status detection and other functions, and achieves unattended, safe operation and maintenance through fault linkage alarm, fault flow processing, statistical reports and other functions fitting user business The goal of standardized management and quantitative assessment is to minimize the human cost of video monitoring system operation and maintenance, improve the operation and maintenance level, and ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system.

1. Video quality diagnosis cluster

Dahua Ping An City intelligent operation and maintenance management platform adopts the internationally leading graphics processing algorithm and pattern recognition technology to diagnose common video abnormalities such as video blur, video color deviation, bottom contrast, stripe interference, brightness too bright, brightness too dark, video loss, video occlusion, video noise, video freezing, video motion jitter, scene change, etc, A complete video diagnosis standard planning system is established.

2. One click scanning

Fast one key operation and maintenance, timely and comprehensive detection of the operation status of the system and equipment, automatic output of fault reports, convenient start operation and maintenance process.

3。 omniscient and omnipotent

It supports the management of equipment of major security manufacturers including front-end, transmission, storage, display, control and platform, and builds a closed-loop workflow based on the responsibility division and division of different roles of manufacturers, integrators, operators, service providers and owners. At the same time, it reduces manual workload and realizes automatic alarm of important faults through intelligent technologies such as image diagnosis and disk diagnosis, Improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance.

4。 Four level monitoring

It can realize the deep diagnosis of the system and equipment, and output the health index of online rate, intact rate, up to standard rate and intact rate.

5. registered residence management

For each monitoring point, we establish a detailed and complete “registered residence file”, and manage the registered residence archives scientifically, informational, meticulous and regularized.

6. Visual report

It provides data collection, robustness analysis, ranking and assessment, repair system closed-loop and other visual management means. The system carries out statistical analysis on the online situation of equipment, video quality, offline history, repair system closed-loop and other indicators, provides visual management means, and provides accurate data support for the assessment of various departments.

7。“ “Handheld” operation and maintenance

Through mobile app operation and maintenance, the operation and maintenance work order can be pushed online in real time. For different faults, the information can be pushed to different operation and maintenance personnel to achieve fine management. The maintenance personnel can clearly record the fault status of the maintenance site through videos, photos and other ways, and feed back the maintenance status online without filling in the maintenance status afterwards. It effectively improves the response efficiency of the service, so as to improve the service satisfaction.

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