In recent years, with the frequent occurrence of mine accidents, the safety production of coal mine has increasingly become the focus of the whole society. The State Administration of work safety and the State Administration of coal mine safety have successively issued a series of laws and regulations on work safety. In 2010, the State Administration of work safety issued No. 168 order, which clearly required the establishment and improvement of “six systems” for safety and risk avoidance in coal mines throughout the country to ensure the safety production of coal mines, and also determined the role of the monitoring system.

As an objective, mature and stable means of safety supervision, video supervision system plays an important role in safety supervision and has been widely recognized by the coal industry. In addition, the distribution of coal mines is scattered, the environment is bad, the site environment and terrain are complex, so it is necessary to build a video integrated monitoring system. Coal mine safety supervision work will change from “civil air defense” to “technical air defense”, and the application of security technology and products in coal mine industry will continue to deepen.

Scope of video monitoring in coal mine

Production scene monitoring: real time monitoring of coal mine plant entrance, perimeter, large scene, coal exit, coal yard, weighing area and office park, and uploading video image information to County Coal Bureau sub control center, and then to City Coal Bureau monitoring center through County Coal Bureau sub control center.

Monitoring and dispatching center: the system background constructs video monitoring system in the sub control center of each county coal bureau and the general control center of the City Coal Bureau, monitors the video monitoring image in real time, and realizes the alarm video linkage and emergency dispatching command.


Dahua coal mine monitoring system is a comprehensive dynamic safety video monitoring system, which integrates daily production management, safety prevention, accident prevention and emergency rescue command. Through this system, we can improve the ability of hazard monitoring and early warning, accident hidden danger investigation and management, eliminate the accident hidden danger in the bud, so as to prevent the occurrence of accidents; at the same time, we can provide timely and accurate rescue information for accident rescue, greatly improve the ability of accident rescue, and minimize the loss of accidents.

system architecture

Functional advantages of Dahua coal mine monitoring system solution

Functional advantages

The video monitoring system is built in the coal mine to collect video image, voice, alarm and environmental temperature and humidity information in real time;

The front-end audio, video and data information are transmitted to the sub control center of the County Coal Bureau under the jurisdiction of each county through the optical fiber special line, and the sub control of the county coal bureau is uploaded to the general control center of the City Coal Bureau;

The monitoring center can query the video saved by the coal mine, control the camera, and realize the two-way voice intercom function at all levels;

The three-level platform is deployed and cascaded to support the sharing of video information between sub control and general control, and realize the function of image access and integration of sub control centers of coal mines and counties;

Multi level user management, video integrated management platform deployed by the general control and sub control level monitoring center, unified management of all access video data;

It has openness and scalability, realizes information sharing with emergency office and work safety administration bureau, and ensures the access of video monitoring in later coal mine expansion.

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