Nowadays, sensors are used in mechanical equipment and instruments, and there are many types of sensors, such as Hall sensors, temperature sensors and pressure sensors. Next, sensor expert network will take you to understand what is pressure sensor and what is the function of exhaust pressure sensor?

What is a pressure sensor

Pressure sensor is a device or device that can feel the pressure signal and convert the pressure signal into an available output electrical signal according to a certain law. Pressure sensor is usually composed of pressure sensitive element and signal processing unit. According to different test pressure types, pressure sensors can be divided into gauge pressure sensor, differential pressure sensor and absolute pressure sensor. It is the most commonly used sensor in industrial practice. It is widely used in various industrial automatic control environments.

Function of exhaust pressure sensor

What is the function of the exhaust pressure sensor

The function of the exhaust pressure sensor is to connect the exhaust manifold with the vacuum pipe, sense the vacuum change in the exhaust manifold with different engine speed and load, and then convert it into a voltage signal from the change of internal resistance of the sensor for ECU to correct the fuel injection quantity and ignition timing angle. It is widely used in D-type injection system. According to the sensor expert network, the exhaust pressure sensor detects the absolute pressure of the exhaust manifold behind the throttle. It detects the change of the absolute pressure in the manifold according to the engine speed and load, and then converts it into a signal voltage to the engine control unit (ECU). The ECU controls the basic fuel injection quantity according to the signal voltage.

The pressure sensor can feel the pressure signal and transmit it to the control system. The function of exhaust pressure sensor is very extensive. For example, exhaust pressure sensor will be used in cars.

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