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The electronic fence system follows the advanced perimeter security concept of “block first, alarm second”. With high voltage and low energy electric pulse, it has three functions: Deterrence (reduce the desire to do a case), block (create intrusion barriers), alarm (sound, light alarm and can be linked with other security systems). Compared with the traditional infrared, microwave, electrostatic induction and other perimeter security systems, it has the obvious advantages of low false alarm rate, no terrain and environmental restrictions, and high security. It has been widely used in residential areas, factories, residential areas, villas, warehouses, airports, military bases, detention centers and other places. The electronic fence system is a kind of “visible” alarm system, which gives people a sense of deterrence, increases a kind of psychological pressure on intruders, and organically combines the alarm system with the warning system, so as to achieve the purpose of taking prevention as the main task and combining prevention with alarm.

The electronic fence is divided into single defense area, double defense area and multi defense area. SW multi defense area electronic fence has the function of displaying the specific alarm position (it can be indicated by multi defense area host LED or displayed by electronic map, without external computer). The electronic fence of SW series has the dual-mode function of safe voltage and high voltage, which can be flexibly configured through local and remote, to meet the needs of more environments.

Set up an electronic fence on the fence, and set up a defense area about 200 meters on each side of the fence. A main box can be set in every two to three defense areas. Pulse main equipment is set in the main box, and the box is arranged on the appropriate position of the fence. The front-end fence is directly installed above the top of the fence, and the electronic fence adopts four wire system. When the whole system is short circuited or open circuited, the system will give an alarm and send the alarm signal to the control unit. In the eye-catching place of the electronic fence, a warning board is generally installed every 10 meters, and the warning board is suspended on the alloy wire.

The goal of building this system project

The overall construction goal is to establish a “safe, stable and effective” community anti climbing perimeter entity alarm system. Effectively prevent outsiders from invading the perimeter. Electronic fence system is an important part of unattended area security technology prevention system, which is an effective combination of technology prevention and entity prevention.

Principles of system engineering construction

1. Safety first

Although the voltage of electronic fence is more than 5000v, the pulse energy is low and the interval time is long, which will not cause any harm to human body.

2. The system is stable

Electronic fence has a very low false alarm rate, not affected by temperature, light, rain, etc., the system runs stably, almost no maintenance.

3. Effective protection

The alarm response time of SW electronic fence less than 500ms is far less than the national standard of 5S alarm products. Combined with the role of high-voltage prestige, it forms an effective protection for the perimeter. The SW electronic fence has the functions of networking, linkage and various supporting software. The centralized control center can obtain the perimeter of each community at the first time.

System function orientation

It has a strong deterrent and anti climbing effect, and has a strong resistance to intruders.

Anti damage and intrusion alarm function, display the alarm position of specific defense area.

Alarm information prompt is intuitive, electronic map and led and other alarm prompt.

Linkage monitoring image alarm, linkage spotlight power supply.

High voltage and safety low voltage remote switch, safety guarantee.

Safe and reliable, no fatal injury to human body.

Current situation of modern security work

With the promotion of security technology, the enhancement of security awareness and the continuous advance of security construction in recent years, security system is bound to be popularized rapidly. Perimeter defense system has always been a difficult part to manage. The traditional perimeter security system is the use of heightening the wall, the installation of infrared radiation, high operating costs, and single function, high false alarm rate, complex maintenance, blind area, resulting in increased difficulty in the management department. Using electronic fence as perimeter prevention system can effectively prevent the above problems, improve the security level, reduce the labor intensity of duty personnel, effectively solve the problem of missing report and false report, and maximize the security role of the security system, so as to provide the best and safest protection for the campus.

Characteristics of perimeter defense

1. The size of the perimeter is different, and there are many green areas, so the invaders are easy to hide.

2. The frequent activities of more green objects and personnel can easily lead to false alarm of the system and cause disturbance and paralysis to the security personnel.

3. The perimeter wall generally has certain characteristics of modeling, easy to form protection loopholes, and has high aesthetic requirements

4. The security system should not be harmful to human body

5. Low maintenance cost

Configuration scheme

1. Demand analysis

In order to more effectively improve work efficiency and more effectively protect the safety of the school, the pulse electronic fence produced by 4D company is used as the school perimeter prevention system.

2. Defense area planning

The perimeter of the school is about 900 meters, and two sw-pf30 (multi zone pulse generator) can be used.

3. Installation method

The school electronic fence is fixed and installed on the basis of the original fence. It adopts the way of vertical pole, so that the terminal pole, bearing pole, middle pole and other stress poles can be installed effectively and stably. According to the original fence structure, it can be fixed by embedding, clamping or welding.

4. Alarm management

(1) The sw-pf30 can be placed in the outdoor main box, and the alarm control host sw-ac10 can be placed in the monitoring center or appropriate position. The operator can sense the sound and light alarm, and the high and low voltage can be switched on the main panel, and the defense deployment management can be removed at will.

(2) Sw-pf30 has its own standard switch signal interface, which can be linked with other security equipment.

5. Effect drawing of front end erection

Function characteristics and installation of intelligent perimeter blocking alarm system

Effect drawing of front end erection

System features

1. The new concept of perimeter alarm system is an alarm product based on blocking

The safe and effective electronic pulse keeps the intruder out of the perimeter, and makes the intruder retreat. When the intruder forcibly invades, the alarm system will automatically send an alarm.

2. The system is stable and the false alarm rate is very low

Using pulse detection and physical block detection, the false alarm rate of the system is less than three thousandths, and it is basically not affected by the environment and climate (wind, rain, snow, small animals, trees). It works 24 hours a day. When the front end breaks down or someone climbs over, it will automatically generate sound and light alarm.

3. Safe, reliable and adaptable

The whole system is integrated, and the turning angle and complex terrain can achieve reliable safety, without dead angle. The conductor is made of special material and is not suitable for climbing. It can be designed and installed according to user requirements and terrain.

4. No life risk

The intelligent perimeter blocking alarm system is essentially different from the AC network. It uses the instantaneous low-energy electronic pulse to give the intruder a certain warning, but it will not cause harm to human life.

5. It is convenient to improve the security level and expand the capacity

Intelligent perimeter blocking alarm system is a basic carrier, which has the function of blocking and sound light alarm. It is equipped with alarm output and bus communication interface, which can be linked with other safety equipment to effectively improve the safety level of the system.

Comparison of pulse electronic fence and other similar anti-theft systems

Construction requirements

1. The distance between the top metal conductor at the front end of the pulse electronic fence and the top of the wall or fence shall not be less than 700mm.

2. When the front end of the pulse electronic fence is installed on other objects, the distance between the front end and other objects should be higher than 10 cm. The minimum distance between the fence and the plant is 200 mm, which should be calculated from the nearest position when the plant swings.

3. The support should be installed on the solid wall or other objects, the combination of the support and the wall or other objects should be firm, and the spacing of the support should be less than 5m

4. The impulse electronic fence grounding system shall not be connected with any other grounding system (such as lightning protection system or communication grounding system), and shall maintain an independent grounding distance of more than 10m from other grounding systems. The grounding of the pulse electronic fence shall be buried at least 1.5m deep, and the place with relatively good conductivity shall be buried, and the grounding resistance shall not be greater than 10 Ω

Front end installation mode (installation requirements)

The pulse electronic fence can be designed and installed according to the user’s requirements and different geographical environment, geographical conditions / security level requirements, and can be used with other security products and central monitoring system. The installation of electronic fence shall be reliable and beautiful, and shall not hinder the surrounding pedestrians. A sufficient number of warning signs should be set up to attract attention.

1. The front end fence is directly installed above the top of the fence, the height of the fence should be more than 1.8m, and the height of the electronic fence should be about 0.8m.

2. Number of wires: 4 wires, 6 wires, 8 wires, etc. according to the height.

3. Line distance: 180mm.

4. Line tension: 30-50kg.

5. Wire diameter: Φ 1.8mm-2.0mm special alloy wire with high strength, low resistance and corrosion resistance.

6. The distance between the poles in the middle: generally about 4 meters.

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