According to the actual situation of the shop site, the scheme needs to use the existing network resources, at the same time borrow ADSL line and the company’s optical fiber network for network data transmission, to achieve all functions of all levels of network monitoring system. The monitoring scheme needs to set up a general monitoring center in the head office, so that it can become a network monitoring station, which can view any picture of any shop in the system at will.

1、 Overview

According to the actual situation of the shop site, the scheme needs to use the existing network resources, at the same time borrow ADSL line and the company’s optical fiber network for network data transmission, to achieve all functions of all levels of network monitoring system. The monitoring scheme needs to set up a general monitoring center in the head office, so that it can become a network monitoring station, which can view any picture of any shop in the system at will.

Reasons for installing network monitoring system: all stores are scattered, and most of them are not in a city or region, and the environment is relatively complex, but the company has few supervisors, which brings many inconveniences to the operation and management of stores. In order to grasp the store dynamics at any time, adjust the sales strategy in time, and give full play to the function of network monitoring, it is the best auxiliary operation and management method to save manpower and material resources Management plan.

If this plan is implemented, it will play a positive role in promoting the new business management and improving the overall image of the brand!

2、 User requirements and system functions

user demand

1) Establish the monitoring and forensics system, install the skyvision network camera (IPC) in each shop, and monitor each shop in an all-round way.

2) The digital monitoring station is established to monitor and control the image of the store. All the images are recorded on the computer hard disk to facilitate future verification and retrieval;

3) The network monitoring center (company) is established, and the central monitoring host and network monitoring management platform are installed in the monitoring center. Through the broadband network, the operation situation of each shop can be observed in real time, and even can talk directly with the monitoring station of each shop. The monitoring center can edit the electronic map, and the situation of each shop can be intuitively understood through the map;

4) Establish a real-time upload function of graphics and images. When customers pay in the store, the skystar network camera installed on the cashier can take pictures of the personnel’s images and upload them directly to the server of the store’s remote management center for storage.

system function

1) Remote shop inspection

Through the high bandwidth Internet of the store itself, you can directly see the scene image of each store on the computer of the monitoring center. You can also send control instructions to the front end store skyvision network camera (IPC) and high-speed ball through the monitoring computer of the monitoring center, adjust the focal length of the camera lens or control the pan tilt to observe the local details, and conduct remote real-time extraction of the store Inspection and monitoring. At the same time, it also ensures that buyers and merchants can buy and sell in the shop normally and safely, and provides the basis for punishing those who violate the regulations.

2) Local video

According to the requirements of the company and the operators, the stores should keep the local monitoring video data for a certain period of time, so as to provide the company and the store owners with an effective basis for accident analysis after the occurrence of emergencies. In addition, there is no need to add any additional equipment at the store end, and the store owners can use the local computer to watch the real-time monitoring image.

3) Intelligent retrieval, playback and storage of remote online video data

By using the technology, the company’s management personnel can remotely access the video records of each store at any time, and can intelligently and quickly retrieve and replay the video data according to the time, store name, camera number and other elements. If necessary, they can also transcribe the relevant video data to the computer hard disk, so as to avoid the high investment of the company in establishing a huge video storage server .

4) Online display

The system supports opening to any user (within the scope of the company’s permission), any authorized Internet users can log in to watch the shop site, and the shop owners can fully show their business environment to the outside world by using the system.

3、 Scheme criteria, basis and characteristics

The guiding ideology of scheme construction is as follows

The construction of intelligent monitoring system should be guided by “practical, reliable, advanced, economic, open and safe”.

(1) Practical: the monitoring coverage and image quality must meet the needs of the security room and the management part; the image networking must meet the needs of interconnection with the local police station; the digital image real-time monitoring and image playback query interface is friendly, and the system is easy to install, use and maintain to meet the needs of users’ monitoring and control.

(2) Reliable: the main security equipment used in the system must be tested by the product testing center with the corresponding qualification approved by the Ministry of public security. The quality is up to the standard, the performance is stable, and it can operate continuously and effectively. For the analog matrix and digital matrix used in the networking at all levels, the mainstream products in the market must be selected, the interface standard must be unified, and the brand can be unified when necessary, so as to reduce the networking cost at all levels .

(3) Advanced: adopt mature and mainstream technology to build the system platform, give full consideration to the development of demand and technology, fully consider the connection with other systems, and build an extensible and open platform. The main equipment can be modular with building blocks to facilitate expansion and protect the original investment.

(four) economy: in the premise of ensuring practicability, reliability and advanced nature, we should pay attention to the stage of system construction cost and investment, and coordinate the development of technology construction and application mechanism to ensure system efficiency.

(5) Open: the system should follow the principle of open system. The system should conform to the national standards and industry planning, and provide interfaces and tools in software, hardware, communication, network, operating system and database management system, so that the system has good flexibility, compatibility, expansibility and portability.

(6) Security: because the system involves daily real-time monitoring of public places, large amount of data transmission and many users, the security and confidentiality is very prominent and important. When considering the security and confidentiality of the system, we should not only consider all kinds of external interference, but also provide security and confidentiality measures in all aspects.

4. Network video monitoring system topology diagram:

Function characteristics and construction application of network video monitoring system

The server software of network video monitoring system is a complete set of network monitoring management software, which can run independently, manage all configured video servers and network cameras, monitor images, control PTZ, etc. It is suitable for medium and large network video monitoring management platform.

Multi picture monitoring: 1 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 9 / 16 picture segmentation mode, supports irregular picture segmentation, can realize the operation of magnification, restoration, full screen, image exchange through simple operation, can realize the monitoring of different camera images by dragging and dropping the camera icon, which is simple and easy to use, and can take pictures, set the image cycle playback, etc.

Remote video recording: video files can be stored in the built-in hard disk of front-end video server or external USB interface storage device.

Local video recording: it can record automatically according to the set recording time or receive the alarm signal from the video server for alarm recording. In order to enhance the flexibility of video recording, the software also provides a variety of video recording methods, including mobile video recording, automatic video recording, manual video recording, single video recording, preset point video recording, alarm video recording, etc.

Mobile video recording is to record the scene automatically when the server detects the image movement (for example, if someone walks in front of the camera, the server will record it to the local computer automatically).

Automatic video recording automatic video recording refers to setting the video recording time period of the server in the software. When the computer system time running by the client software enters the set time period, the image of this time period will be automatically recorded.

When manual video recording is used, it can only work through manual control, that is, if the user sets a certain access to manual video recorder, it will stop recording only when the user stops it.

Single video right click a window to be recorded and select “single video” in the pop-up menu. The software will automatically record the image of this window to the folder with the current drive letter. When closing, directly click “stop recording” in the pop-up menu.

Preset point recording is to set the observation point of the camera in advance in the software. When the server receives the alarm signal, it triggers the camera to return to the preset state quickly and accurately.

Real time video image capture: real time image capture is an auxiliary function used to capture images in real time. It saves a single frame of dynamic images in BMP image format, and can capture images that are being monitored or played back.

Video server image d1jpeg capture: video server jpegd1 format capture refers to the video server’s front-end direct capture, it captures the lattice dynamic domain name function: when users use ADSL and other dynamic IP access to the Internet, we provide users with a relatively static “IP” address (domain name address), as long as users input our domain name address in our software, the user can Name and password, you can access, control and video remotely. (this function is equivalent to providing users with a free static public IP)

Automatic connection function after power failure: when the software is in the state of playing or recording, if the video server stops power supply at this time, the software will stop playing the image and stop recording at the same time. However, if the video server has normal power supply, the software will automatically connect to the server and restore the original playing and recording at the same time without manual intervention.

Remote control configuration view adjustment code stream: remote control pan tilt up and down left and right rotation, lens aperture, focal length, zoom adjustment, can also control remote light control. Remote login to the server, configure the server parameters, such as modifying user name, password, IP address, adjusting code stream, etc. For server, remote upgrade, remote restart, etc. Through the software, we can see how many users are online on a certain server, which images they are watching, and how much the current image stream is. Set the output stream size of the video server according to the actual needs, and support fixed stream and fixed stream.

Two way voice intercom: that is, through the computer and remote video server ready-made two-way voice communication.

Alarm function: the video server can input 8 alarm signal switches, such as infrared alarm, smoke alarm, etc., and output 4 alarm signal switches, such as siren, etc. And display electronic map and real-time image according to the setting.

Multicast function: in LAN environment, each camera allows unlimited multiple users to access at the same time, and only occupies the bandwidth of one channel.

Automatic inspection: set some preset points for a certain camera, and the program can control the camera to continuously inspect these preset points.

Local playback: it can retrieve and playback the video files of the device at any time in the local video.

Remote playback: the video files in the front-end video device have been retrieved, played and downloaded, or other video files have been retrieved, played and downloaded.

Matrix control: simulate the function of matrix to realize the switching display of real-time image on any monitor.

The definition is not affected by network transmission.

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