The mixed signal front end (mxfe?) is a highly integrated device with a 16 bit, 12gsps maximum sampling rate RF digital to analog converter (DAC) core and a 12 bit, 6Gsps sampling rate RF analog-to-digital converter (ADC) core. Ad9082 supports 4 transmitter channels and 2 receiver channels. Ad9082 is very suitable for applications that need to use wideband ADC and DAC to process signals with wide instantaneous bandwidth. The device has 16 channels, 16.22gbps jesd204c or 15.5gbps jesd204b data transceiver ports, on-chip clock frequency multiplier and digital signal processing (DSP) functions, and is suitable for broadband or multi band direct to RF applications. The ad9082 also has bypass mode, which allows the full bandwidth function of the ADC and / or DAC core to bypass the DSP data path. The device also has low delay feedback and frequency hopping mode, which is suitable for phased array radar system and electronic warfare applications.

Function characteristics and application scope of highly integrated mixed signal front end ad9082


Flexible and reconfigurable general platform design

AC performance of ADC at 6Gsps

DAC AC performance (3.7GHz output)

Multiple digital functions

Programmable 192 tap PFIR filter for receiving

Receive AGC support

Programmable delay per data path

Send DPD support

Auxiliary function

Serdesjesd204b / jesd204c interface, 16 channels high

Total power consumption: 11.45w (typical value)

15mm × 15mm, 324 pin BGA, 0.8mm spacing


Wireless communication infrastructure

Microwave point to point, E-band and 5g millimeter wave

Broadband communication system

Docsis3.1 and 4.0cmts

Phased array radar and electronic warfare

Electronic test and measurement system

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