1、 System overview

In recent years, the phenomenon of cheating in the examination is becoming more and more covert and the cheating means are becoming more and more technical. In order to effectively crack down on the cheating and put an end to this ugly vice, according to the spirit of the relevant documents of the State Education Commission, various regions will gradually establish TV monitoring systems in the designated examination rooms of the unified national education examination within their jurisdiction. For example, the Guangdong Provincial Examination Center has issued a notice to the enrollment offices and self-taught examination offices of various cities in Guangdong Province, and the designated examination rooms of the unified national education examination in Guangdong Province will establish a television monitoring system in the next three years.

The examination room TV monitoring system is mainly composed of three parts: front-end camera equipment, transmission equipment and monitoring center control display video equipment. The examination room TV monitoring system can implement all-round monitoring and real-time video recording for the examination process of the examination room. Once the invigilator on duty in the monitoring center finds that a candidate has abnormal phenomenon, it can timely control the camera of the examination room through the console to enlarge the image of the specific location for evidence collection. The relevant data will become the evidence in the future, and the data will be stored by a special video storage device So as to ensure the fairness of the examination.

2、 Function characteristics of remote monitoring system for examination room

1. Monitoring function

Through the campus network, you can directly see the scene of each classroom on the computer of the examination room monitoring center, and you can also switch the situation of each classroom to the TV wall for observation.

2. Screen patrol function

Without switching control matrix equipment, through the network video centralized monitoring system management software settings, multiple groups of images can be displayed in turn. 3. Examination room monitoring

Through the network video centralized monitoring system management software settings, the scene of each examination room is switched to the TV wall monitoring, or the front end sends out control instructions to adjust the camera focal length or pan tilt for local detail observation.

4. Live video

It can record the scene of any examination room in real time or at fixed time, or manually start and stop the recording, alarm trigger the recording. The recording media is the computer hard disk. The disk capacity space of the recording can be set, and it has the function of automatic coverage.

5. Intelligent retrieval playback

According to the time, examination room number, camera number, alarm events and other conditions, it can intelligently and quickly retrieve the playback recorded video data. The playback has many ways, such as frame by frame, slow playback, constant speed, fast and zoom in / out, and can store any playback image into JPEG or BMP format for data exchange or print output.

6. Character overlay

In each video channel, the time and source of the scene can be superimposed in real time to make the scene information more complete.

7. Scene capture

In the process of viewing the main control computer of the regional monitoring center or the sub control point computer of the campus network, you can capture and save the sudden scene pictures of the window image at any time.

8. Authority management

The hierarchical management of operation authority is implemented. Each user is given different authority levels according to the nature of work. The system login and operation are checked to ensure the security of the system.

9. Special control by headmaster

The principal can select and see the discipline of any examination room on the screen through the office client computer.

10. Remote network inspection

The staff of the superior invigilator center can conduct remote real-time sampling monitoring on the examination room through the Internet (or WAN). Moreover, without any additional cost, the system can provide distance teaching demonstration function. We know that in order to promote the advanced teaching experience of excellent teachers, or to investigate the teaching level of teachers, schools often need to arrange teaching demonstration classes. However, the traditional teaching demonstration is to arrange the audience in the classroom, which not only limits the number of people attending the class, but also affects the normal teaching, and the traditional teaching demonstration can only be carried out locally, It’s even more inconvenient for teachers to observe in other places. In addition to live broadcast of the teaching demonstration course, the system can also make real-time video recording. The personnel listening to the teaching demonstration course can see the actual situation of the teaching demonstration without entering the teaching scene. The teachers in different places can easily watch the whole teaching demonstration course through the Internet (or WAN).

3、 Scheme design

1. Demand analysis

The system involves 100 test rooms, up to 3200 test sites, all of which have independent test room monitoring system, using analog camera and DVR, and each school has different DVR brands. According to the requirement that the municipal recruitment office should set up a monitoring center on the third floor of the municipal recruitment office to carry out unified remote monitoring of 100 examination rooms and 3200 examination sites, we have designed a set of remote monitoring system to realize the purpose of unified management and remote inspection of the municipal recruitment office.

2. System structure diagram

Function characteristics and application scheme of examination room remote monitoring system

3. System solution

3.1 examination room subsystem

There are 32 test sites in each test room of the system, and the front end has 32 channels of analog video monitoring, which are transmitted through the internal video coaxial cable and then enter the back-end system. The back end is equipped with two ange video exchange platforms for local display, management and storage, and the analog video signal is encoded and packaged into network digital video signal, which is transmitted to the municipal recruitment monitoring center through education. It supports 16 channels of analog video input, and provides 16 channels of network video input interface, which makes full preparation for the future expansion of the system; it supports 5TB local storage at most, which can ensure that each examination room can save at least one month’s 24-hour all-weather video data; it can realize local real-time monitoring by configuring a monitor; it can also ensure that each examination room can save at least one month’s 24-hour all-weather video data; It can not only realize local management, but also form a video exchange platform group, which is managed by the municipal recruitment monitoring center through the education network.

3.2 municipal recruitment monitoring center

In the city’s admissions monitoring center, a management server is configured to manage the video exchange platform of each examination room uniformly, and an electronic storage server, such as a storage device such as disk array, is configured to store important video monitoring. Two forwarding servers are configured to forward 3200 video packets in the whole system.

In the display part, we configure the system with six high-definition TV sets to form a TV wall. Through the Angstrom network video decoder and 16 picture splitter, 3200 channels of video are divided into 34 groups, 96 channels of 1-33 groups and 32 channels of 34 groups. Specific implementation steps: after the digital video signal is forwarded by the forwarding server, it is connected to the network video decoder to decode the analog video signal, and then through the 16 picture splitter, it enters the TV wall for display, and each TV displays 16 channels of monitoring pictures.

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