As an important functional department to deal with emergencies and maintain social stability, public security organs bear an important responsibility in the security work of large-scale activities. With the continuous advancement of information construction, the police reform of China’s public security organs has begun to move into the fast lane of intelligent development. Through the application of Internet of things, big data, cloud computing and other new technologies in the field of security, we will spare no effort to build an integrated three-dimensional prevention and control system, and promote the transformation of its security work in large-scale activities from passive response type to active protection type Emergency command is an important step.

Visual command and decision platform for event security

Under the background of the rapid development and wide application of new round of information technology, big data provides a new insight for improving the ability of public security. How to quickly mine high-value information from the massive public security business data and improve the efficiency and accuracy of security emergency command and decision-making of large-scale activities is an urgent demand of public security emergency support work. Through the construction of visual command and decision-making platform, information resources of public security, transportation, fire protection, environmental protection and other departments can be fully integrated, intelligent analysis functions such as face recognition, license plate recognition, behavior analysis can be effectively integrated, comprehensive monitoring of “people, vehicles, places, events and objects” can be realized, and managers can achieve pre-warning, in-process command and scheduling, and post separation in the security work of large-scale activities Analysis and judgment.

Multi department data fusion, real-time security situation monitoring

In order to meet the public security department’s overall control of the overall security situation of the activity, the system can display the real-time data from the public security, traffic, fire protection, environmental protection and other departments by combining the two-dimensional and three-dimensional geographic information systems, so as to help managers perceive the security situation of the activity at all times. And it can automatically associate the data from different sources in depth, which is convenient for managers to conduct overall analysis, find out the security risks that are difficult to find only by a single data channel, and quickly distribute processing instructions to various functional departments.

Function characteristics and application of visual command and decision platform for activity security

The security focus of the activity is the prevention of the alarm situation and the visualization of the early warning management

In the early warning stage, based on the principle of “prevention is greater than cure” in the security management of the public security department, aiming at all kinds of focus alarm situations that may occur during the activity, combined with the professional early warning model, the early warning mechanism is established to automatically monitor the development status of all kinds of focus alarm situations and give early warning to all kinds of abnormal changes. In addition, through the integration of relevant resources required by public security supervision and emergency support, the comprehensive management of basic information data related to emergency command, such as: people, things, places, things and other information, is realized, which is convenient for the commanders to coordinate with all linkage units to carry out the pre prevention and disposal work of emergencies in emergency state, and implement the unified pre disposal work in case of major and extraordinary events.

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Visualization combined with face recognition, video surveillance activities security application upgrade

Video surveillance, intelligent retrieval, face recognition and other intelligent applications play an important role in the overall prevention and control of social security. Face recognition technology can recognize people’s identity based on human characteristics, gait characteristics and other information. The integrated command platform supported by big data visualization technology can deeply integrate all kinds of video monitoring systems, make the results of face recognition clear at a glance, track the track of personnel, and access the corresponding monitoring video by clicking on the map, circling and other interactive ways, so as to enhance the control of the public security department over mobile personnel and social security.

Intelligent bayonet analysis, visual vehicle management

By combining the application functions of bayonet system in inspection and control, vehicle passing monitoring and license plate recognition, it can monitor the running vehicles in the jurisdiction area in real time, monitor the target vehicles with automatic alarm and real-time tracking, dynamically display the movement track and detailed information of the target vehicles, and provide the public security department with vehicle image information query, retrieval and tracking Research and judgment and correlation ratio provide equal support to enhance the public security department’s ability of vehicle inspection and control.

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Event security emergency response, visual command and scheduling

When dealing with emergencies in the security of large-scale events, the public security managers need to respond quickly to the events and command and make decisions in time. Through the visual deployment and command scheduling, integrated video conference, remote monitoring, image transmission and other application functions, when an emergency occurs, remote scheduling all related resources, to provide the basis for the unified deployment of various emergency countermeasures, and then cooperate with the overall emergency plan for remote command, to distribute processing instructions to the functional departments, to maximize the efficiency of the public security management department Emergency response decision-making efficiency and command and dispatch ability.

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It is reported that the security departments of Wuzhen IOT conference, Hangzhou G20 summit, Meizhou merchants conference and other domestic large-scale events have continuously promoted the visual emergency command and decision-making platform as a powerful means to improve their own emergency support work level, and the supplier of the system, digital hailstorm, has a more comprehensive implementation ability in the field of integrated command and decision-making visualization system, which provides a reference for China The emergency support work of large-scale activities has added a new technical force.

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