Shop online alarm has experienced many years of development in the Chinese market, and has been recognized and participated by many commercial shop managers. Especially after our company founded the “God eye network alarm service mode”, private network alarm companies have sprung up. Many domestic companies engaged in the alarm industry have tasted the sweetness and are gradually expanding, so many alarm service companies have begun to participate in each region, which also leads to serious market competition in many regions’ online alarm service market, even in order to keep customers at a loss.

In many competitions, is it difficult to maintain or give up? If you choose to maintain, you have to change to get out of the predicament; if you choose to give up, you will give up the achievements you have worked hard for many years. I believe that as long as there is a good way, all alarm operators want to get out of trouble and win the market and profits.

As an operator of online alarm service, are you facing the following problems:

Telephone line alarm system needs to be upgraded

Effectively reduce operating costs (products and services)

Need more cost-effective video review products

Chengdu ideal technology development Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. It has made a high cost-effective and competitive online video alarm machine for the online alarm system of shops. This device can not only upgrade the old telephone line system, but also has the video review function, which can effectively reduce the alarm rate and control the labor cost. It can also enhance the interactive experience of terminal customers and strengthen the remote management of shop owners to employees. Mobile app operating equipment deployment and removal, mobile app watching video, while supporting voice monitoring.

The system diagram is as follows:

System introduction:

Sy9511 can be used with common GPRS network alarm host to realize video review of traditional network alarm and save cost for video review of old equipment upgrading. Alarm video review all-in-one machine, suitable for small shops video network alarm, mobile phone real-time view video, remote video intercom. Realize the video review, reduce the false alarm rate, the function is more humanized, more in line with the use of small shops. Using network cable to provide power, installation is more convenient. Greatly reduce the cost of the system, so that the center and users use comfortable, intimate, assured.

System advantages:

The factory value of each device has 10 different random Arabic numeral passwords, which has strong security and solves the privacy problem of customers.

You can customize the privacy area on the video screen. When you watch the video, you will not be able to watch the area to ensure the privacy and security.

Network cable can be used to provide power, without additional power cord, easy installation, can reduce the impact on indoor decoration. Reduce construction cost, wire cost and installation time.

It can meet the visual network alarm of shops, realize the video review, reduce the false alarm rate and effectively reduce the cost of manpower.

It can realize the normal remote operation such as real-time video viewing on the user’s mobile phone, remote deployment and removal anytime and anywhere, which is more flexible and convenient to use, and solves the limitation problem of remote deployment and removal.

It can support up to 32gtf card recording and has the function of motion detection recording, which greatly increases the efficiency of recording and solves the problem of small memory and short recording time.

It has four video recording functions: ordinary video recording, motion detection video recording, alarm video recording and center video recording. The cost of video recording with TF card is lower, and intermittent video recording can increase the service life of memory card.

Support 720P HD output, clear and delicate image, wide angle 110 degrees. It can achieve most of the basic needs of indoor monitoring, and solve the monitoring needs of small shops.

It has strong network adaptability, adopts Shenyan cloud video server, P2P penetration and streaming media forwarding without port mapping.

The center can watch the online situation of users in real time and realize the remote deployment and removal of the center.

Sy9511-y rolling shutter door is pulled down, and the rolling shutter door is automatically deployed after magnetic closing, which reduces the trouble of remote control deployment, realizes automatic deployment, and is more convenient and fast.

Sy9511-y has two wired defense areas, which can be connected with wired detection equipment. It is especially suitable for small shops.

Sy9511-g supports multi-channel wireless defense area, and the door magnet and probe are reasonably matched to achieve the best effect.

Sy9511-g has the function of privacy protection. Customers can use the remote control to turn on or off the remote video viewing function, which has a strong video privacy protection function.

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