After the three networks integration project, the era of single telephone line transmitting alarm information is coming to an end. However, after the telephone line of customers or alarm companies is upgraded to optical fiber, the telephone line transmitting alarm information is extremely unstable, and the center receives wrong information. In serious cases, the center may not be able to receive alarm information. If thieves break into the house and steal, it will cause serious losses to our alarm service company and greatly increase the operating costs and risks of our alarm company.

In the fierce competition of network alarm operation today, it is what we network alarm operators really want to effectively reduce the operation cost and the safe operation of the system. Upgrading Shenyan dedicated online alarm card machine or video review alarm controller can effectively improve the efficiency and timeliness of our system. As the person in charge of our alarm company knows, 99% of the alarm events in the center are false positives, but how much cost will the 99% false positives increase the operating company! After upgrading the system to video review system, single channel video alarm integrates 5S pre recording function, and multi-channel video alarm integrates maximum 30s pre recording function. When the detector triggers the alarm, the host automatically starts the pre recording function, and automatically transmits the video 5-30s before triggering the alarm to the alarm receiving center. The center automatically pops up the real-time scene and pre recording video, so that the alarm receiving center can verify the alarm more efficiently Deal with the police situation. The center can judge whether it is a false alarm or a real alarm in time, so that the false alarm can not be sent to the police and the real alarm can be sent to the police, which can effectively reduce the operation cost of the alarm operators.

Introduction of standard video review network alarm system:

Function characteristics and application of video check network alarm system

System introduction

This series of video review network alarm scheme is an upgrade scheme of the original sy9214g video review network alarm scheme. The host has 8 basic wired defense areas, which can expand 8 wired defense areas and 32 wireless defense areas; 4 analog HD / coaxial HD cameras, P2P network cloud penetration, which can adapt to more network environment; the alarm transmits real-time video to the alarm center at the same time. On the basis of the online alarm of video review, the pre recording function is added to improve the work efficiency of video review; the power supply system is upgraded, the dual power supply system with wide range and high stability, the lightning protection design with high performance, the independent power supply of alarm and video, and the stability and reliability of products are improved.

It supports wired and wireless detectors, and users can deploy and remove defenses by remote control, keyboard, central platform, mobile app, etc.

Standard defense area interface; strong network adaptability; compatible with mainstream analog cameras. Automatic P2P penetration and streaming media forwarding technology to enhance network adaptability.

Dual power supply system with wide range and high stability, independent power supply for alarm and video, high performance lightning protection design, multi network communication, online monitoring, mutual backup and automatic switching.

Expandable Chinese sound and light warning device, warning sign and alarm signal; programmable output interface, convenient for user-defined output or remote operation output; can be connected to analog camera. Pickup (not available in simplified version); can realize user grouping function.

According to the particularity of the bank’s private network, it can be transmitted through the external network and the private network separately. For the places where the wired network can not be used or inconvenient to use, the 4G network transmission mode can be extended to realize the video transmission.

Introduction of high cost performance video check alarm system:

System introduction:

Sy9511 can be used with common GPRS network alarm host to realize video review of traditional network alarm and save cost for video review of old equipment upgrading. Alarm video review all-in-one machine, suitable for small shops video network alarm, mobile phone real-time view video, remote video intercom. Realize video review, reduce false alarm, convenient for police, more humanized function, more in line with the use of small shops. Using network cable to provide power, easy to install. Greatly reduce the cost of the system, so that the center and users use more comfortable, intimate, assured.

System advantages:

You can customize the privacy area on the video screen. When you watch the video, you will not be able to watch the area to ensure the privacy and security.

Network cable can be used to provide power, without additional power cord, easy installation, can reduce the impact on indoor decoration. Reduce construction cost, wire cost and installation time.

It can meet the visual online alarm of shops, realize video review, reduce false alarms, facilitate police dispatch, and effectively reduce the cost of human dispatch.

It can realize the normal remote operation such as real-time video viewing on the user’s mobile phone, remote deployment and removal anytime and anywhere, which is more flexible and convenient to use, and solves the limitation problem of remote deployment and removal.

It can support up to 32gtf card recording and has the function of motion detection recording, which greatly increases the efficiency of recording and solves the problem of small memory and short recording time.

It has four video recording functions: ordinary video recording, motion detection video recording, alarm video recording and center video recording. The cost of video recording with TF card is lower, and intermittent video recording can increase the service life of memory card.

Support 720P HD output image, clear and delicate; wide angle 110 degrees. It can achieve most of the basic needs of indoor monitoring, and solve the monitoring needs of small shops.

It has strong network adaptability, adopts Shenyan cloud video server, P2P penetration and streaming media forwarding without port mapping.

The center can watch the online situation of users in real time and realize the remote deployment and removal of the center.

Sy9511-y roller shutter door is pulled down and automatically deployed after magnetic closing, which reduces the trouble of remote control deployment and realizes automatic deployment, which is more convenient and fast.

Sy9511-y has two-way wired defense area, which can be connected with wired equipment. It has high cost performance when used for small shops networking alarm.

Sy9511-g supports multi-channel wireless defense area. The door magnet and probe are reasonably matched to achieve the best effect and avoid the influence of defense area wiring on user’s decoration.

Sy9511-g has the function of privacy protection. Customers can use the remote control to turn on or off the video viewing function, which has a strong video privacy protection function.

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