Univideotm unified video education information platform can interconnect multiple campuses, realize resource sharing and unified management, and V2V video networking technology and univideotm unified video service platform can well solve the problem of multi video business cross regional, full HD video communication transmission. Univideotm unified video service platform has strong compatibility. It can not only be compatible with video conference system and monitoring system of mainstream brands in the market, but also realize a series of functions such as intelligent teaching management, intelligent video conference, information release of intelligent broadcast control, intelligent video and audio monitoring system on the same platform. It improves the degree of digitalization, technology and resource sharing of many Internet schools.

Univideotm unified video cloud computing

“Cloud education” is the inevitable development trend of education informatization in the future. It provides a good platform for educational institutions, education practitioners and students through cloud computing with all the necessary software and hardware resources for education informatization. The role of the platform is to provide cloud services for the education field.

The cloud computing function of univideotm unified video service platform is widely used in many industries. Visionvera provides many cloud services, such as cloud storage, high-definition cloud video search, high-definition cloud broadcast control and so on. In order to build an information environment for efficient teaching, support teachers’ effective teaching and students’ active learning, promote the development of students’ advanced thinking ability and group wisdom, and improve the quality of education. Univideotm unified video’s unique cloud service can be integrated with the future promotion of cloud education platform. Through the existing cloud teaching video storage, high-definition cloud teaching video search, high-definition cloud teaching broadcast control, it can provide more resources sharing, more storage space and other convenient conditions for the education industry, and lay a solid foundation for the wide application prospect of cloud education.

Schematic diagram of system network structure

Function characteristics and application of univideotm unified video education information platform

Platform management and control

Univideotm unified video platform provides platform, intelligent and unified authority management. The server and other hardware devices of univideotm unified video platform will be placed in the network room, transmitted through optical fiber and category 5 / 6 cable, and played and interacted at any information point through two-way video terminal or computer. The highest level management control point is set in the network management center (it can also be set in any local or remote location). Any information point can also be authorized as a hierarchical control point. Univideotm unified video platform supports multi-level, multi regional and sub authority management and control.

Design of platform function for multiple schools’ Education Networking

a. Intelligent monitoring function design: univideotm unified video service platform intelligent monitoring module is a set of video, audio, data processing in one; fusion image monitoring, anti-theft alarm, voice intercom, access control, equipment control in one platform; With security, intelligent analysis, remote device control and other functions, it can adapt to different network environment complete professional monitoring solutions. Based on the above characteristics, for all kinds of school violence, cheating in exams and other events can realize the linkage alarm function, timely find and solve. More importantly, the school monitoring can bring rich teaching resources to the school. Univideotm unified video centralized storage, through video conference, remote teaching, information release and other platform module functions to realize the dissemination of teaching resources, not only promotes the school information construction, but also brings more and more extensive teaching resources to the majority of students, which is also the future development trend.

b. Intelligent teaching, recording and information release function design: through univideotm unified video intelligent teaching, recording and information release function, it can realize the remote or local high-definition visual education of director to teacher, teacher to teacher, teacher to student. And any remote or local real-time teaching video can be stored and viewed through univideotm unified video recording and broadcasting system, and valuable teaching information, the latest notice, school activity arrangement can be broadcast to all students through information release, so as to achieve the real-time dissemination and full coverage of education information.

c. Function design of video conference: in order to enhance the leadership’s management of school system, there is no unified standard for teacher-student arrangement, class hour arrangement, extracurricular activities and other teaching systems among schools, which leads to a wide gap in a series of indicators such as students’ average score, students’ health level and students’ ideological level. Therefore, univideotm unified video conference is a good solution To solve this problem, through the video conference function, the communication between school leaders is solved, the discussion and practice of education system among schools are promoted, the complementation of advanced education system among schools is completed, and the rapid development of education industry is realized.

d. Function design of digital TV: as an important part of univideotm unified video service platform, digital TV module not only can realize HD digital TV live broadcast, but also has delay TV function, which can realize HD digital TV recording (can realize the recording and playing of Education Channel), teaching on demand, on-demand arbitrary storage, or from classroom monitoring, video monitoring Teaching video resources stored in frequency conference, remote or local video teaching, etc.

Platform extension function

In addition, more video services can be realized on one network platform, such as video communication, live broadcast, self-made channel, TV mail, PVR and other dozens of video, voice, picture, text, communication, data and other services

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