Red apple pe90fh HD digital matrix is a special device for HD / SD, digital / analog and other videos on the wall. The core of the system is based on ultra large FPGA array digital video processing, backplane switching technology, video encoding and decoding technology, streaming media adaptation technology and video storage technology, and supports 1920 × 1080p (progressive) resolution, or “full HD” (FH). Downward compatible with standard definition video, it has the function of multi-channel video splicing and superposition and the ability of multi-channel integration and splicing of large screen output.

Product functions:

● support full HD( 1920×[email protected] , 3gbps) video switching, supporting up to 60 channels of digital video input and any multi-channel network video input

● up to 240 channels of standard definition analog video input

● support a variety of video input interfaces: high definition video VGA, DVI, HDMI, SDI interfaces; Standard definition CVBS signal interface

● optional input resolution maximum support 1920×[email protected] , i.e. the maximum bandwidth is 165mhz

● output is high-definition DVI, HDMI, SDI interface, standard definition CVBS interface, coded output network IP interface

● support high-definition H.264 network video data decoding, support standard RTSP protocol, simultaneously decode 256 video streams at most, and support main profile at most( 1920×[email protected]

● support HD / SD, digital / analog video mixed on the wall, and various types of video can appear at any position of the screen

● the output supports image processing functions such as video segmentation, scaling, superposition and splicing, supports image brightness and contrast adjustment, and supports up to 64 channel segmentation and splicing (optional), that is, the maximum 64 screen splicing control for a single chassis

● support transparent superposition of images, 256 levels of transparency, 4 layers

● support the output of any superimposed characters on the screen (ASC Ⅱ characters, gb2312/18030 character set, Chinese characters and graphics), 8bit color (256 colors), 256 levels of transparency — none

● support multiple management interfaces, Ethernet, RS422, RS485

● the system is configured and managed in a graphical manner to facilitate system management, operation and maintenance to the greatest extent

● the system supports keyboard operation and computer management

● the audio input corresponds to the video, and the matching audio box can be used to complete the audio switching

● special control software or SDK that can be redeveloped by users to facilitate user system integration

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