Background and challenge

Part of the daily work of the traffic police needs to be carried out on the road scene, such as traffic congestion relief, alcohol driving inspection, illegal parking scene evidence collection, traffic accident responsibility determination, security task execution, etc., which has the characteristics of mobile law enforcement. In recent years, with the rapid strengthening of the masses’ awareness of democracy and legal system, especially the awareness of safeguarding rights involving their own interests, the law enforcement environment of law enforcement agencies is undergoing profound and complex changes. Law enforcement work on duty involves a wide range of aspects, high transparency and strong sensitivity. Under the supervision of public opinion and the masses, a little carelessness will lead to negative speculation.

At present, the information level of the traffic police department in the process of mobile policing is low, and the communication with the command center is not smooth. There are some management and control problems, such as the difficulty of real-time monitoring, slow reporting of emergency, slow positioning and scheduling of police officers, and difficult record of law enforcement process. It is urgent to further standardize the law enforcement process by using scientific and technological means, so as to better guarantee the development of daily work and improve the law enforcement office The efficiency of cases, reduce the cost of law enforcement, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of law enforcement agencies.


Hikvision mobile police system takes the command center management and control platform as the core, takes police vehicle mounted equipment, individual police equipment, law enforcement recorder and control ball as the terminal, and uses 3G / 4G wireless transmission technology as a bridge to realize mobile police functions such as on-site monitoring, illegal evidence collection, law enforcement process recording, police force positioning, instant messaging, blacklist control, etc.

Function characteristics and application analysis of Hikvision mobile police system

Highlights of the scheme

1) Rich and diverse law enforcement front end

The system provides front-end equipment suitable for different application scenarios, which can realize all-round and reasonable management and control of incident processing, such as the individual soldier used by the on-site law enforcement personnel, the vehicle mounted monitoring and positioning law enforcement vehicle, and the emergency control ball for on-site monitoring of emergency events, which greatly expands the scope of the front-line work of traffic police, improves the professionalism and feasibility of law enforcement process monitoring, and strengthens the Traffic police control the command process of mobile police.

2) Real time and accurate satellite positioning

The system takes full account of the on-site mobile law enforcement positioning requirements, and realizes remote satellite positioning of front-end law enforcement personnel and law enforcement vehicles through GPS / Beidou satellite positioning module brought by individual soldier and vehicle, combined with wireless transmission system of operators and GIS map system. When an incident occurs, it can quickly locate the position of the police force, which is conducive to the rational scheduling of various resources and timely and accurate handling of emergencies.

3) Secure and reliable data access

The system fully considers the high security and confidentiality requirements of traffic police internal data, and avoids data leakage and intrusion from the perspective of network transmission and data view. Through security isolation and VPN technology, it can prevent external illegal intrusion. At the same time, the use of proprietary digital authentication technology effectively ensures the security and reliability of video data.

4) Professional integrated management platform

Based on the integrated traffic management and control platform, the system customized a powerful emergency disposal command platform module for the emergency disposal command process, providing a means for the command center to interact with front-end individual soldiers and vehicles, and realize the unified management of “one platform”.

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